Welcome to our blog!

At Zoe’s Heart, we chronicle Zoe’s story. Zoe was born a beautiful, healthy little girl in March 2002. Within six weeks of her birth, she got incredibly sick and was life flighted to Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.

We almost lost her.

Zoe has cardiomyapathy with severe mitral valve regurgitation after contracting a strain of the echo virus and going into congestive heart failure when she was that tiny six week old baby.

Over the next four years Zoe was followed and monitored by cardiologists and was ready to be released from care but in October of 2008, she relapsed so severely that the only outcome would be a heart transplant.

In December of 2008 Zoe received that heart transplant.

It is within this blog that we tell Zoe’s story and share with our friends and family what it’s like to be Zoe’s family. We share our frustrations and our celebrations. We are grateful for every day that we’re given.

We are not blogging for money, profit, or products. We are not a brand.

We are a family who is passionate about organ donation and the second chances it gives to so many families. We share these stories in the hopes that other people will become more educated and understanding¬†with what it’s like to parent a child who has received an organ transplant.

We are forever grateful for the gift Zoe received. The family that gave us that gift are forever in our hearts and mind with every breath Zoe takes.

We could never begin to thank them enough.