Dietary needs to be slapped with a pop tart.

Zoe got some benadryl last night to help her sleep. I took that opportunity and passed out myself. Apparently a little to passed out. Dietary brought her liquid tray (broth, tea & ginger ale) and gave her the tray! They put either the tea or the ginger ale in a cup with ice, pulled the table over to her bed and gave her, the little girl on fluid restriction, the entire tray. Needless to say she drank her daily allowance in one sitting before anyone saw her. It was all done pretty quietly because the nurses and I didn’t know it was happening until was too late. The nurtritionist called dietary and from now on Zoe’s trays will dropped off at the desk and her nurse has made 2 signs for her room that say “Do not give anything to drink! Patient is on fluid restriction”. While I was taking a shower she tried to talk the chaplan and a cleaning person into getting her a drink. She was alsmost successful with the cleaning girl who was stopped by her nurse before she could give Zoe the big class of water she had gone to get her.

The sad part is that this is what she’s been reduced to. Begging a drink from anyone who passes her room. She’s thirsty but her body can’t process any extra fluid.

She should be getting some pediasure here soon. Dr. Boyle figures as long as she’s drinking it may as well have nutrients in it and not just be empty fluid.