Zoe’s Dr. is back and asked what she’s still doing with the same heart. She said they just couldn’t find one good enough for her while he was gone. He agreed. He had turned one down just before he left. It wasn’t in very good shape apparently. Just not good enough for our girl he said.

She got some ice tea 2 days ago and we spent all that night and yesterday with the aftermath. Her stomach was upset (but no vomiting) until late last night when she finally fell asleep. So far today she feels good.

She’s stable with no changes. She’s in a holding pattern. Ice chips, IV’s and bed rest until a new heart good enough for our girl comes in.

On a side note: I was told yesterday that all members of Zoe’s family need flu shots (mom, dad, gabe). Zoe got her yesterday. I went yesterday and got one and Mike already had his. Gabe is next and he’s not gonna be happy about it. I’m asking any family members or friends who plan on being here often or for extended visits to please also get a flu shot. I’d hate for an illness to keep her from getting a heart.

My laptop is back up and running thanks to my dad for getting me a new adaptor. Thanks Dad! Zoe requested a rocking chair in her room the other day. Here’s what happens to her after 2 min. in a rocking chair with mom

2 comments on “Stable

  1. Hey Chrissy,

    I happy you guys are hagging in there. I know it has to be tough for you. Tell her she needs to get a good heart so we can see that lovely little dancer you use to post on your myspace….. Remember if you need to talk you know how to reach me…. Other than that I know you are pretty busy …… Let Zoe know our thoughts and prayers are with her and we love and miss her…..

    Love you guys keep hanging in there….

  2. Laura Mertes Ternes

    November 14, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Chrissy – please check your myspace. I just sent a very lengthy message to you. My daughter Stella was right across the hall from Zoe last week in the PICU. My baby is very sick with a rare heart defect.

    Your little girl is beautiful and I remember thinking that last week when I walked by her room. Little did I know it was your little girl. I am praying for you and Zoe. Please know I understand what you are going through. If you need anything let me know.

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