Always check your information before you start a witch hunt

Just so everyone is aware I just asked Zoe if she’s ever said to anyone that she wishes hadn’t gotten this heart or that she wished she had gone to heaven. She looked genuinely confused and asked why I would ask her that. She saw that I was here on the site and asked if someone had written that here. I told her no, that someone said she said it. I told her I thought the nice lady was confused but needed to ask her first. She said no, she’s never wanted to be in heaven and she’s very glad she got her heart. She got a little teary eyed at the thought of being in heaven, but assured me she’s never thought it let alone said it.

So thank you mystery lady for upsetting my daughter. Fear not followers of Zoe, I’ve fixed it and she feels better. However, she is also irritated with the mystery gossiper and anyone who knows Zoe can verify that Zoe is not someone, regardless of her age/size, that you want irritated with you.

3 comments on “Always check your information before you start a witch hunt

  1. I have never understood why anyone would claim to know someone’s situation so intimately. It baffles me, truly. Is it someone who wants to be considered part of the inner circle, or someone who simply wants to be the one to convey information, feeling important by doing so? To get it so WRONG is something I’ll never ever understand in people. I’ve seen it happen time and again.

    Here’s the thing – if you allow the people involved directly to be the relayers of the information, you don’t look foolish when you say the wrong thing. You also don’t add to their stress by making up bad news or rob them of some joyous news. I had a woman who’s always treated me as someone she regarded as a nuisance come to my wedding, then actually have the balls to ask if she could sign my marriage license because, as she put it, “it would mean so much to me.” That’s just overstepping. Decent people don’t assume they’re entitled to pass on news of any sort, nor do they assume they’re special because they were either told something in confidence or they visited.

    The woman’s got no hobbies, in my opinion. Pity her.

  2. @Lori – Seriously someone asked to sign your marriage license? {insert look of shock} That’s crazy talk! Thank you for your comment, you always give excellent advice; be it personal or professional 🙂

    I normally don’t make comments here because I’m the silent partner so to speak but, honestly it unnerves me to think that someone would assume to know Zoe or us so intimately that they would feel it necessary to say that Zoe never wishes she got her heart. Clearly this woman didn’t sit with us on Christmas at Papa’s and watch Zoe be completely at peace with seeing her family or overjoyed to see the DVD slideshow of herself that was played at her spaghetti dinner. We watched her open gifts and be totally stunned at her Loving Family accessories (that will be one pimped out doll house – let me tell ya!). There is no mistake that she is glad to be here. I watched her sit and whisper and giggle with Breanna; sitting as close together as 2 cousins could be. Unnerving might not be the word… sick, might be closer.

    And to Chrissy, we’ll talk later but I know you’re a rock and I know you’re strong. I couldn’t imagine another person going through these last few months and handling it the way you have. You’re no good at the pep talks that’s true (hint, hint 😉 ) but what you lack in pep, you make up for in strength, devotion and loyalty to your daughter. She is blessed to have you for a mom (as are you to have her for a daughter). I am constantly amazed at your strength, beauty, and courage. There is nothing “poor” about you. (Give ’em hell sister!)

  3. That’s my girls. Heaven help anyone who crosses them singularly or together. That is the sense of family they have been instilled with, that has kept us all together and working towards one thing, Zoe’s well being and eventual return home. As for you my little miss Zoe, Grandma Sherry and I will probably see you on Thursday evening and I have a big, new box of Roll-Ups for you. The ones with the tatoos, in assorted flavors…..of course. Be good and do as you are told so you get the heck out of there.

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