Now for the update

Obviously we’re out of the hospital. Zoe got discharged, again, on Sunday. We went on a little adventure and found a Bob Evans and a Walmart in Mayfield Heights so we got some dinner and did a little shopping.

She’s on 2 medications for her blood pressure. A clonidine patch that we change every Monday and norvasc that she takes with her morning medicines. I’m monitoring her blood pressure 3 times a day per Doctors orders. 

We had our first outpatient appointment today and it went well and it had a media following. She has her next biopsy Monday and her broviac will be taken out that same day. She’s excited because that means a regular bath for the first time in over 3 months.

We’re making the best of our time here in Cleveland. We go on “adentures” whenever we can. Tonight we found the best milkshake place ever called Tommy’s, recommended to us by Lisa at the hospital. We also found a place called Coventry Cats that has neat stuff for cats and dogs so we’re going back there when it’s open to do some shopping for Fudge (our cat).  We should still be able to leave in about 2 weeks. If my calculations are correct, the 20th of January.

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  1. that sounds great! Hoping for the best.

  2. Hi Zoe Honey Baby

    I just wanted to let you know that a lot of the girls I work with saw you on the news last night & this morning….they think you are so adorable & are happy that you are getting better. The girls that missed the news are going to view it from your web site. It sure is nice to see you run again….we all knew you could do it….like I mentioned before ..when you weren’t able to hold yourself up you had a ‘world’ & heaven full of people doing it for you! You are so loved by so many….some you don’t even know…life is wonderful..don’t ever take it for have been a wonderful gift..
    love you sweetheart….Nana & Grandpa Joe

  3. It sounds like you are doing so much better! God Bless you and keep you and keep that big smile on your face! I foresee great things for you, I bet your mom does too! Keep up the great strides!

  4. ZOE, IT IS SO GREAT TO SEE YOU UP AND RUNNING. Keep running and soon you will be running in your own house and bedroom as well as your backyard. There will always be things to run towards as well as things to run from but whatever it is KEEP RUNNING.

    You are such an inspiration to anyone who sees how you were 3-4 months ago to now. Keep being that inspiration to whomever comes into your life and keep reminding then not to sweat the small stuff and fight off the big stuff, just as you did with the “FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE.”

    Chrissy, you are a true picture of what a loving mother will do and what sacrifices are made to give your child the World. You are also an inspiration and anyone who is making headlines in a negative way needs to see you and realize what a true mother is. May you keep that little girl running (*she also needs to keep Nana running to).

  5. Zoe,
    How did the biopsy go today? Good I hope. Zoe do you like chicken strips and fries. If you do and you and mom go out for one of your adventures, tell mom to take you to the Flaming Gyro place in the Galleria. As long as I worked downtown, they have the best chicken strips around. Thier clam chowder is pretty good. But if you go, you have to promise to wave to Kristi and Kelley as you pass by thier school. (It’s less then a block from the Galleria, you can actually see it from the back of the mall). I will try and think of some of the other fun places there in Cleveland that is within the 30 minutes of Ronald Mcdonald house. If you go to the Galleria, it is too bad that the weather is not cooperating. Otherwise you could go down to the pier and watch those silly white birds that gather down there. You would think they would head south for the winter, but no they stay there and provide entertainment.

    Love you
    Sherry and Papa

  6. Anymore news on the date you guys get out? it’s coming up! yeah!

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