One year ago today we celebrated Zoe finally getting a new heart. She came out of surgery rosy cheeked and red lipped. It’s been a roller coaster year.  Double hip infection, seizures, CMV, and not to mention the hospital stays. She’s grown taller and wider. She had to have a whole new wardrobe this year because she hasn’t needed new clothes in 2 years. Her hair is longer and she’s a 2nd grader now.

We’ve been blessed and we know it. Amidst all out happiness I can’t help but think of the other family out there somewhere with an anniversary of their own. One year ago today a family lost a child. I don’t know who & I don’t know where yet but I’m eternally grateful for the gift they’ve given me. I can’t thank them enough.

I also can’t thank enough our faithful Zoe’s Heart  followers. You are the reason this site exists still today.

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  1. Happy Heart Day dear Zoe…
    I can express any more or better than mommy or your Aunt Nikki has already done so. We are very fortunate to have you today & without the miracle, the prayers & the support from many who knew you, mommy, daddy, Gabe, your grandma’s & grandpa’s & all of your family & from those who did not know you..some to this day have yet to meet you…this day would not mean so much to us. You are here with us for a reason & the Angels made sure that you were here to stay. I thank God, the Lord Jesus or the Creator of All for hearing all our prayers & pleas to keep you with us. My heart still breaks for the family who gave ‘you’ that miracle & hope they know how very much their ‘giving’ has meant to me…to all of us. I hope that they will find comfort in knowing that their little Angel is still here today through you. Happy Heart Day, Zoe Honey Baby….from Nana & Grandpa

  2. Bless you guys. It’s been an honor sharing your tears and your joy as Zoe fought the good fight.

    My prayers to the family who so generously blessed your child with a new heart. An unselfish act for grieving people. May they be comforted by the joy of knowing she’s alive and thriving.

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