LifeBanc Walk

Today was the LifeBanc Gift of Life Walk/Run.  A record breaking 1,500 people turned up at Blossom Music Center for the event. Zoe sat in “the green chair” and got her picture taken. She also talked a little about why organ donation is important to her. The picture’s from the event should be posted either to LifeBanc’s site or to their facebook page. As soon as I see them I’ll post a link here.

I’m happy to say that Team Zoe’s Heart raised $320 for the even today. That’s $120 over our goal. We plan to participate again next year and I’d love to see Team Zoe’s Heart grow in number next year. There were some impressive teams there walking and running today.

Please visit for information on donating, events, and registering to become and organ an tissue donor.  They said on the news tonight that there are currently 108,000 people waiting for organs and tissue transplants. 1,800 of those are in Ohio.

Clockwise: Me, Nana, Grandpa Joe, Cousin CJ, Aunt Nikki, Zoe (of course)

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  1. Thank you for attending the Gift of Life Walk and Run. It was an amazing day for all that attended.

    We so appreciate Team Zoe’s Heart and all you have done to help us save and heal lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

    Zoe is the reason we believe so deeply in this mission. A beautiful life saved and a little girl with a future.

    Thank you again … and see you next year!!

  2. When you first asked me to participate you know I said no. I don’t do very well in the heat or walking for that matter for any long period of time / distance. When I heard that you weren’t going to have the support you needed in walking I thought ‘oh what the heck it’s for a good cause’ & Joe said he would do it the minute I told him about it. I figured if I couldn’t make the whole thing I could always turn around & he would be there so you wouldn’t have felt that you have to ‘take care of mom’. I am so very happy that I participated! This is a very good cause & Joe & I will be there with you next year…so mark down 2 walkers.
    The numbers are astounding & very hard to imagine just how many people are in need of something so small that it can change their lives. The gift that Zoe got was in deed a miracle & I thank God everyday for the family who loved their child so much & their decision to help someone they don’t know was such an act of kindness & love is beyond any words of gratitude. If more people in this world would give from their heart & not think of themselves ….there would be more little ones or people like Zoe who would have that 2nd chance on life. LifeBanc is truly a wonderful organization & I thank the kind people who started the foundation.

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