Stay tuned to Ch. 19 news!

Zoe, Nikki, and I will be doing an interview on Wednesday August 10th regarding the LifeBanc Gift of Life Walk & Run and Team Zoe’s heart. Hadie from LifeBanc called me earlier this week and asked if I would be willing to share Zoe’s story and talk about why we participate in this event. I couldn’t dial the phone fast enough to return her call! I’m honored that they would ask me and Zoe to do this. Naturally, I included Nikki in this because she is a driving force behind everything we do. Without my sister and her crazy networking skills we wouldn’t have the success we have in getting Zoe’s story out there and educating people about the importance of organ donation.

So watch ch. 19 news next week to see Zoe, Nikki, and I talk about the importance of organ donors and why we walk/run for LifeBanc!

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  1. Zoe is here next to me…& she has something she’d like to say….
    i am so happy for the life bank walk and run i told my friend grace and is happy about it.and i just got back from heart camp.i went swimming and played with dog,s and went fishing and my most fear of what fishing is getting hooked. and guess what happend i got hooked but it didnt hurt much.and we did a camp fire me and my group did falling rain drop,s we screamed..and then we did joke time and i said what do u call chesse that,s not your,s notch yo chesse.and we had a food fight.see u later at

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