Gift of Life Walk/Run 2012

It’s that time of year again. Team Zoe’s Heart is gearing up for LifeBanc walk/run. We’re hoping to make this year our biggest yet. I’ve set our fundraising goal at $1,000. Sounds like alot but it’s only $400 more than last years goal and we exceeded that by $100 so it shouldn’t be that difficult. With only 1 month to go, we really need to kick our fundraising efforts into high gear.

The event is Saturday August 11 at Blossom Music Center. Here is a link the team page:

Here (provided it works) is a copy of my fundraising letter:

Chrissy Snider & Zoe Tanner

Elyria, OH 44035

July 9, 2012

Dear Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

I have some exciting news to share with you! I am participating in the Lifebanc 2012 Gift of Life Walk & Run on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at Blossom Music Center. Please consider supporting me in this event by making a financial contribution or joining my team, Zoe’s Heart.

Together we will support Lifebanc and its mission to save lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

As most of you know, my daughter received a heart transplant in 2008 at the age of 6. Zoe was 6 weeks old the first time she got sick. She came in contact with a virus that caused congestive heart failure due to the left side of her heart enlarging. With medications and frequent trips to the cardiologist, Zoe made an almost (the left side of her heart would always be slightly enlarged) complete recovery, or so we thought. Just before entering kindergarten in 2007, at the age of 5, she suffered congestive heart failure again. This time the medications weren’t helping and Zoe wasn’t recovering as well as before. In 2008 her doctor at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital sent us to see a friend of his, a pediatric transplant specialist, at the Cleveland Clinic. In just 2 meetings he determined that not only would Zoe need a transplant, that it would need to be done before Christmas if she was going to survive……..this was in September. She went from bad to worse and was admitted to the hospital November 1, 2008. On December 2, 2008 Zoe received her new heart. In February 2009 she finally came home. It’s been 3 ½ years since her transplant and Zoe has never been healthier. She dances, plays basketball, and runs youth charity races. Everyday we’re thankful for Zoe’s donor and his family who made the ultimate sacrifice so that my daughter could live. He’s our hero.

Know the Facts:

                • Nearly 115,000 people are waiting for a life-saving transplant in the U.S; more than 3,000 in Ohio alone

                • Every day in the U.S. an average of 18 people die waiting for an organ transplant

                • One organ donor can save up to 8 lives

                • One tissue donor can restore health for over 50 people

All funds raised in the 2012 Gift of Life Walk & Run support initiatives to educate the community about organ, eye and tissue donation and provide bereavement support to the families of organ, eye and tissue donors.

Along with thousands of other participants, we will be walking/running on August 11 as a symbol of hope, endurance and unconditional love. This journey will be an emotional, loving tribute in honor of those who gave, on behalf of those who received, and with hope for those who continue to wait for a life-saving transplant.

Please support me in this race to save lives. To donate online or to join my team, visit my fundraising web page at:

Your support is deeply appreciated!

All my best,

Chrissy Snider

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  1. She is such an amazing young lady & truly an inspiration to many…including myself, I could only hope that I could have only half the endurance, determination & love of life as she does. This will be our 3rd year walking with Zoe’s Team & we wouldn’t miss it for the world. In just 2 days we’ll be holding a ‘Charity Garage Sale’ to help raise funds for her to meet her goal. With a lot of help, love, support & guidance ‘from above’ will be able to reach your goal & go beyond.

    With lots of Love….

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