Time is running out……..

The Gift of Life Walk/Run is just over a week away! So far it looks like I’m missing more than half my team! :0

Online registration ends Monday July 29th @ 5pm. I will be picking up the (registered members) team packets from LifeBanc on Wednesday. Since these contain race bibbs for the runners, I will do my very best to get them all delivered by Friday night.

If you plan to register online or at the event, please make sure you do it under Zoe’s Heart or the team will not receive credit. If you plan to register at the event & would like to have your registration filled out ahead of time, please let me know! I can print registration forms and deliver them when I’m out delivering packets.

Since I didn’t get much of a response (any actually) on new team shirts, we will be using our shirts from the past 2 years. If you are new to the team, your shirt is missing, or your shirt no longer fits, I have a favor to ask of you. I’d like for  you to please purchase a t-shirt in either light pink or light blue to wear to the event. If you’re running, please bring your shirt with you to wear for the team picture. You don’t need to run in it. I probably won’t unless it’s chilly that morning.

I think that’s all my announcements regarding the GOLWR. See you all at Blossom August 3rd!