A new friend?

I received an email a couple days ago from a mom who was at the Cleveland Clinic waiting for her daughter, Hope’s, new perfect heart to arrive. The girls share a doctor and Hope’s mom stumbled upon my little blog by accident. She planned to pick her way through it during surgery & recovery. Hope was born with a congenital defect and had 2 surgeries before she was 6 months old.

I emailed this mom yesterday morning to see how Hope’s surgery went. While I waited for a reply I decided to see if I could find her on facebook. I found her, and was saddened to learn that Hope isn’t doing well. From what I’ve read, there’s been some bleeding, high blood pressure, swelling, seizure activity, and now her kidneys aren’t functioning well. Hope is currently on ECMO (life support) while Dr. B and the surgeons try to get Hope’s issues under control.

When I told Zoe about the email I received she asked if we could go meet her. Due to Hope’s setbacks, the visit will have to get put on hold for awhile. I did tell Zoe that Hope isn’t doing well right now. Having lost Aly & Mel, Zoe’s worried for Hope, but she knows that she’s in the best possible hands right now.

I’m not a praying woman, but Hope and her family are in my thoughts today. I’m crossing my fingers for her. Zoe has done what Zoe does best, she’s made a little something that I’m going to share here.