Behind the Scenes

You’ll notice I don’t post here like Chrissy does. That’s because I’m busy behind the scenes keeping an eye on the site, making sure it doesn’t go down or have other difficulties or over run by spam, and because it’s really Chrissy who’s better at keeping everyone up to date and informed. I know there’s a lot on her plate right now but I’m sure that we can all agree to be thankful that she takes the time to post and update everyone. Every day I’m constantly amazed at the number of comments I approve, most days it’s in upwards of 10 comments. I know Chrissy is approving them on her end also so I can imagine how many she receives. It’s great to see everyone telling Zoe that she is missed at school – it makes me certain that this site was the best way for everyone, even those who can’t come and see her, be heard.

I’m going to be adding some changes here, hopefully some more interactive features – I’m looking for an app that allows people to make video comments. I think that would be wonderful for Zoe to hear her friends and not just see the words. I’m working on this so give me some time.

One of the things I can do, today is make changes to the blogroll. I’m going to be adding other blogs and sites that have added Zoe’s button to them. If you’re a blogger who would like to say hi, grab her button and place it on your site, let me know and I’ll add you to the blogroll. It’s my way of saying thank you to the blogosphere and their outpouring of support.

Speaking of support – Our spaghetti dinner and silent auction is beginning to pull together nicely. We are still in need of silent auction donations, so if you know of any businesses, who have a service that they could offer, gift cards, or even products (we are looking at brand new items for this event. We understand that some auctions are done with used and gently used items but we are offering our items as the perfect way to get some Christmas shopping done AND give to a good cause). Mike and Chrissy’s medical expenses alone for this are going to be Ginormous so even the smallest donation is appreciated.

So far though, as we’ve been gathering items for the auction, there is a great diversity and something for everyone! From local businesses offering up their services with gift baskets, gift certificates to cash in, handmade items, speciality shops, local television stations, and even some of Ohio’s major and minor league teams are becoming donors! Right now I’m estimating that our auction items are valued over $500.

I don’t want anyone to think that only store bought items, if you’re a crafter (I know we have a few!!) or you crochet, sew, quilt, and you’d like to put something together, feel free to contact me. I’m a fan of quilts and blankets so you’d be likely to get my bids! 😉

As we get closer to the dinner and auction, we’ll put up our list of donations and add to them as they come in so anyone who will be attending can get a first look through this site at what we have to offer.