Solid Food and an Address

Dr. Boyle decided not to punish Zoe for dietarys transgression. He let her have her 15cc every hour and he let her have solid food for the first time in 2 weeks. We tried french fried with no salt but they were too dry. I hit the cafeteria and found 4 of the driest pieces of cantaloupe I could find (fruit’s full of water & we don’t want to waste her fluid allowance). She ate those without a problem and has kept them down. Her offered her an array of breakfast items but she has a taste for watermelon and won’t be swayed. Guess we’ll have to keep trying.

I spoke with Grandma Sue today and she asked for the address so she and Papa Carroll could send her something……low and behold I have no idea what it is. That got me thinking, I wonder how many other people want to send a card or something but don’t know where to. So I’m posting the address I got off the Cleveland clinic web site with Zoe’s room number.

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

9500 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland , Oh 44195

Patient: Zoe Tanner, Rm M43-02

3 comments on “Solid Food and an Address

  1. Congrats on the solid food, hun! I’m a friend of your Aunt Nikki’s.

  2. Hi Zoe Honney Baby….I am SOOOOO happy to hear that you are getting some real things to eat now! I can bet you are very Happy …. got to make sure those new little toofers that are coming in for you work! Maybe, maybe if things keep going pretty good for you…and the Dr says it’s ok – remember the Dr has to say it’s ok first. but….only if the Dr says it’s ok first!!! – If he thinks we should wait a while thats ok because I’m sure that Grandma will have some pretty good cookies baked up just for you when you’re ready & we won’t forget some McFlurries too… If I know Grandma …she’s probably already got all her cookie mixin’s waiting on the counter for the ok to start baking!!! If I don’t see you this week – I will be there after the Benefit is over….love you, kisses & lots of hugs…Nana & Grandpa

  3. Hi Chrissy- I’ve come here via Nikki. So sorry to hear about Zoe’s struggles. My prayers go out to you all. I’m helping spread the word – got the widget up already! She’s in the best possible place. Cleveland Clinic is amazing. If I were closer, I’d stop by for your moral support, but I suspect you have a lot. Please accept my cyber support. 🙂

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