A small request

I appreciate all the prayers and people wishing Zoe well. I have just one small request. I don’t intend to offend anyone with this request, but there’s always the possibility it will happen.

In some of the messages here people say they are praying for Gods will to be done. What if it is Gods will to take her? This line of prayer seems counterproductive to me. If that’s the case, everyone who wants to see Zoe recover is actually praying for the opposite. I have an issue with this. I understand that in order for Zoe to live another child has to die. Maybe it makes me a bad person but I can live with that. I refuse to let her go. Those of you who visit ,who are people of faith may find what I just said a little ridiculous. If it is Gods will, it will be done. Nope. Sorry. Not my daughter. Not this time. I’m stubborn like that. So is Zoe and she and I are on the same page.

So if you could focus your energies into wishing her recovery I’d appreciate that. Pray for a heart. I don’t care if comes from a donor or if, by some miracle, research shifts into over-drive and they figure out a way to grow a heart in a test tube in the near future. Whatever. Let’s focus on getting Zoe a heart.

I appreciate the assistance.

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  1. Sweetheart – Justin told me long time ago that “Mama was with ‘Angels’ now taking care of people in the ‘sky’! Right now..hope you are ok with this one…I have to believe that mom is the Angel on her shoulder right now taking care of her & keeping her with us & giving her the strength to ‘fight’ back – because ‘we’ know she is! She is a fighter, she is strong, she is ‘you’ & then some! I pray that ‘God does not take her, if he is in need of another ‘soul’ right now…let it be mine because I’ve lived my life here – right or wrong, good or bad…it’s ok with me that she can live if so be it. Mom always told me that ‘God don’t like ugly’ so I’m trying really hard not to be in what time I have left here & who ever mom is sitting with or where ever she is sitting right now….she’s still right ‘here’ for you…close your eyes sweetie – I believe you can see her too…I love you…

  2. You are RIGHT. Put out there exactly what you want. We want Zoe to recover! That’s what you ask for, specifically. Anything else isn’t a possibility, today. Pray for what you want. I pray that another child’s life path will intersect with Zoe’s, giving Zoe the heart that she needs to grow into a teen, a young adult and an adult to watch her lovely parents grow old… and that the other family will find consolation that someone as sweet as Zoe will carry on.

  3. Stay strong Chrissy you have never been one to shy away from speaking your mind and in this situation you are 100% right you and Zoe don’t need negative thoughts. I will send all the good mojo i can.

  4. Mike and Chrissy, Is there a way to get Zoe’s story out (national tv) so that if a family is dealing with loosing a child maybe they would not think of donating but would because of Zoe’s story. I was just thinking of families that might not even consider donating their childs organs and her story would change their mind.

  5. Having been through this with my family (my uncle had a liver transplant a couple of years ago), it feels crazy to be wishing for that sort of thing, but you do. I am not all that religious, and I have been praying for to get a heart every night. I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old, and its too easy for me to be in your exact situation. I wish for you the best.

  6. I’ve got alot of people in different states praying for Zoe and we wish her well. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve shared her address with other soapmakers and knitters I know so she may be getting a few extra cards in the mail! You are a strong person and Zoe needs that. Don’t worry about the negative, just keep on being positive. We will continue to send good thoughts and positive energy your way! (((hugs)))

  7. I pray everyday for a new heart for Zoe. My thoughts are with you and all your family… *hugs* to all of you!!

  8. Those of us who are moms hear what you are saying!! We may not have experienced the reality of your fear and pain but i doubt there is a one of us who would think any differently than you do. You and Zoe are in my prayers and I pray that God hears our crys and our prayers and that there will be no heart wasted and that Zoe will soon be healthy and you will find rest. Please don’t let “words” get in the way of knowing that people (even strangers like myself) are so confused on how to pray but we must pray. We are human and He is God . Don’t loose sight that God is an awsome God and He knows your heart and our hearts and most of all “Zoes heart” and He knows what we mean when we pray “His will”. I believe that what He wants from us is not the wording of our prayers but our acknowledgement and the act of obedience of “Prayer” I pray for you and Zoe tonight and I ask God for a miracle in your life

  9. Bob and I check on Zoe daily and pray that a heart will come soon. This website is a blessing. I can’t even imagine how all of you are able to deal with this. She is such a treasure.
    Number 4 above makes a good point. Knowing the situation with Zoe caused Bob and I to have a conversation about organ donation and reconfirmed that there be no doubt this is what we will want done. There very well could be someone out there that is so caught up in thier own situation they haven’t thought about this. Maybe seeing her story, they could decide to turn their tragedy into Zoe’s blessing.

    Lizzy has plans to come to see Zoe as soon as her surgery is done so she can read to her and color with her. She also is asking abut her daily.

    Stay strong

  10. I made an announcement at church & the whole church is praying that Zoe gets well as well as added strength for you & your family. Be strong & hang on. We want to see Zoe get well…go to school & play with her friends!


  11. I’ve been praying for one thing – Zoe’s recovery. I’ll continue to do so. Good for you for speaking your mind, Chrissy. I’d want the same – I’d want my child to live and to recover and to thrive. That’s on my mind ever since Nikki first alerted blog readers to Zoe’s story. My prayers and wishes are rather singular right now. I too can live with that!

  12. We are thinking of you!!!!

    All of our love,

    Aunt Peggy, Uncle Melvin, Hannah, Michael, Paige, Chelsea, Hayley, Gramma Sue and Pappa Carroll

  13. HI Zoe!!
    I missed you in music class today! We sang a song about inviting Mr. Turkey to dinner. We sang the first song in our spring musical about Israel “going to the promised land ” and a second song about giant in the promised land. I KNOW you will like the giant song.
    Ths second graders are praying for you to get a heart very soon. We all miss you at school.
    Mrs. Kincaid

  14. I cannot begin to imagine what you’re going through.

    I’m praying for a heart!!!

  15. As a mother of a daughter I cannot bear your story. So, I will be committed to praying as you have requested. I believe in keeping God OUT OF BOXES. God is huge and God CAN deliver. Chrissy and Mike – God hears you both and God sees you THREE. God will be given all the glory in your story. Zoe will have a beautiful story for thousands to hear. God’s love can be shared with so many through AND by Zoe Tanner. Prepare for rain.

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