Day 21

Zoe has been a little agitated so far today so they’ve increased her sedation meds to keep her calm. Her nose was itchy and where the diaper gathers (they started her tube feedings yesterday) was itchy and she was desperately trying to scratch all of those places and get comfortable. I scratched her nose and daddy took care of the leg. I told her to close her eyes and go back to sleep, she shook her head no. Even sedated she doesn’t want to listen.

All of her numbers look good and her liver is better. She seems to be running a fever off and on so she’s been given antibiotics. They took blood and are doing the cultures but waiting for things to grow can take time. So she gets tylenol as needed.

The versed she’s on has an amnesia affect so she won’t remember this. Thankfully. I was pretty afraid she would. She already has a sleep phobia and the last thing she needs after getting a new heart is a coffee addiction because she’s afraid to sleep.

Unfortunetly since she’s sleeping like a lightly sedated baby, my posts won’t be anywhere near as interesting as they were. Zoe adds a little color to everything but she’s out cold. So I may update less. I can only say “we turned her today” so many times before I start to get bored with it so I’ll spare you all the monotony.

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  1. Please don’t feel you don’t have anything to say. Just telling us how she is doing helps us know how to pray. We love little Zoe and are praying for her and the whole family many times a day.

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