Fastest Update Ever

I don’t have alot of time and my laptop adapter has a short so it’s dead. Here’s what’s going on:

Earlier in the week Zoe had a stress test which didn’t yeild good results. Due to her heart being in survival mode it’s pulling blood away from her extremities and other organs (including her stomach) which is the cause of the vomiting. She went back to the ICU to be started in milirinone to help her heart pump the blood more efficiently which took care of the upset stomach/vomiting. We went back to the regualr cardiac unit the next day.

Zoe had a PIC line put in yesterday and a hart cath done. She’s been coughing and her liver is slightly enlarged due to a fluid build-up. The oral lasix just aren’t doing it for her. After the procedure she went back to the ICU for recovery. We were supposed to go back to regular cardiac unit today but that’s not going to happen. Because of the enlarged liver she’s throwing up again and the fluid in her lungs is still making her cough. Based on that she’s going to be staying in the ICU until we can get this under control.  They’ve increased the milirone and put her back on IV lasix. She can’t eat or drink anything today and is allowed ice chips if her throat gets dry. Hopefully this plan put her back on the upswing and we can get back to the regualr unit in the next day or so.

Zoe is officially on the transplant list as of last night. Her body size, blood type and lack of antibodies makes her donor pool huge so hopefully she won’t wait long.

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  1. We’ve been keeping you all in our prayers and hope that this has a very happy ending soon. Love and hugs to Zoe and to you!

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