Updating from home.

Mike is off so he’s staying with Zoe while i come home and do laundry, get caught up with homework and pet the cat who is not the solitary creature everyone says cats are.

We’ve had our ups and downs the last few days. It seems Zoe can’t really eat or drink anything without throwing it up. That’s caused by the fluid enlarging her liver (they just can’t seem to get it do go down enough) which is caused by the fact that her heart is getting worse a little every day. She seems to tolerate ice chips and tiny sips of ginger ale fairly well spaced throughout the day. She’s still got some spunk left though. I caught her trying to sneak some water the other night when I got back from the restroom and last night her dad left the room and when he came back she had gotten out of bed, chugged a small glass of water and was throwing up. She’s very thirsty and miserable.

They started a nutrient solution through her iv a few days ago to get some calories into her. She now weighs 36lbs. She’s the height if an average 6 1/2 yr old girl but is about 11 lbs underweight. Those who have come to see her can attest to how thin she is.

Dr. Boyle left town yesterday for a meeting and will be gone until Wednesday. He says the good news associated with that is that hearts ted to come while he’s gone. He’s still available via cell phone, pager and email and all organ calls come to him to we’re all keeping out fingers crossed.

Friday night she had some irregular heart rhythms and Dr’s are concerned about the added strain on her heart. They think it may be necessary in the future to put her in a breathing tube and sedate her to take some of the strain off. There are a lot of complications and added risk involved in that procedure so they’re trying to avoid having to do it, but wanted me to know it was a possibility.

Since I’m home, here’s Zoe passed out cold after her PIC line placement and heart cath: