Getting the word out

I’m pretty excited. Today I’m going to be on Blog Talk Radio (radio shows for the Internet – Whoulda thunk it!), talking with Connecting Women about Zoe and her story.

I’m pretty pumped about doing this because it means we are going to reach a massive audience of people and you never know what might come of that. While I doubt it would bring us a heart, I am hoping that it will bring in more people who want to be involved in the fundraising efforts we’ve been doing for Zoe and her parents. I’ve been told that the bills from Zoe’s care are starting come in and this is only the beginning.

If you’ve got no plans for this afternoon and want to take hear Zoe’s story and what we’re doing right now (maybe you’ve already got your Christmas shopping done and will be doing some wrapping or Holiday baking), you can click on this link: and listen at 12:00PM EST time.

I’m hoping you’ll tune in and listen.