Scenes from the hospital

I spoke to my sister last night after she posted and suggested that she send me the pictures to see if I could upload them from home.

I spent a few hours with Zoe yesterday and helped her through her popsicle ordeal. It all came down to wanting to chew on something. I guess after nearly 72 hours of vomiting, the last thing you want is more liquid. Either coming in or going out. The need to chew was strong for her. So as the orange popsicle melted, I sifted through to find pieces still solid enough for her to sink her teeth into. It must have felt good knowing that she was practicing for getting her little choppers on a cheesburger.

These are the pictures she wanted to share with you all:

This next one was after I left yesterday:

sleepy baby
sleepy baby

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  1. hey i hope you’re able to come home. nothing is worse then having to wait in the hospital. it puts so much more pressure on all of you. I’ll be thinking of you guys. Love ya.

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