Thank God for my cell phone and a laptop!

Still here. Modern technology keeps me connected. It also lets me take pictures and post them here which I’m going to do since everyone likes to look at pictures.

Quick update first. Zoe’s IV was giving her some problems so they pulled it today. They were going to start a new one but her veins have become so fragile that it just wasn’t possible. EMH blew 2 trying to get the IV she had started. 1 in each elbow. The Dr. here blew 1 in her left hand trying to get the new started and the old one was in her right hand. So they had a bit of a problem. How to get her fluids and how to get her medications. Dr. Boyle (her cardiologist) is crazy optimistic and decided we were going to see how she fared orally today. If she manages to drink enough fluids and keep them down she wouldn’t have to get stuck again. He also made her a deal, if she could keep down an entire popsicle or a cup of broth she could have a little of the 1 thing she wanted so desperately……….a cheeseburger! Aunt Nikki was here to witness the popsicle frenzy. lol She devoured it and kept it down for the required hour. So as I blog she’s letting a little cheeseburger and some gatorade settle and couldn’t be happier. Her next hurdle is the treadmill tomorrow and if all goes well we’ll be on our way home soon.

I stand corrected about the pictures. Aparently the network I’m connected to through the hospital is SUPER picky about what you can do. The link to add media to the post is not an option so we’ll have to wait until we get home. Sorry.

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  1. Glad to hear the Dr is optimistic.
    Give lil Zoe a hug from someone far away who hopes she starts feeling better soon and that the transplant comes quickly!

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