Good news & bad news

The good news is that Tuesday night we got moved over to RMH and got the day pass for Christmas. Zoe got to come home, then go to her dads and thenn her papas before she had to be back at RMH Christmas night. She enjoyed being home.

Now here’s the bad news. We’re back at the hospital in the PICU. Last night when I woke Zoe up at 11pm to give her medicine she complained she had a headache. I gave her tylenol, put a cool rag on her head, rubbed her temples and she fell back to sleep. At 12:30 I woke up to find her leaned to one side, eyes glassy & not focused and throwing up. She was laying in a puddle and didn’t seem like she was able to lift herself out of it or wake me up to let me know she was going to be sick. I rolled her onto her side and got a towel t clean her up. Her head was turned to the left and her eyes seemed to be stuck looking up and to the left. I got her sat up but she couldn’t hold herself up so I propped her up on my lap while I called Dr. Boyle. She saidshe thought she was done throwing up so I laid her down while I woke Gabe up. Dr. Boyle wanted us to meet him at the hospital. She went catatonic again on the way to the hospital and when we got there her bp was 201/120 and they said she was having a seizure.

She got a CT Scan and is in MRI now. They also ordered an EEG for today too.  She seems fine now. Her bp is lower because they started her on a bp medicine. They think the seizure was caused by her high blood pressure which is a result of the strong heart pounding away at her kidneys. They haven’t adjusted yet. They think the withdraw from the narcotics was masking her high bp and once she was removed from all the drugs (tuesday) it started to climb until it spiked last night causing the seizure. They will know more once the MRI and EEG results come back. The CT showed no sign of clot or bleeding in the brain. Hopefully we’ll know more later.

Apparently this is common for transplant patients. It’s just one more hurdle we need to overcome before she can go home.

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  1. Great News Zoe, you got to go home for the holiday. Hope Santa was good to you other than what you have already received (your heart).

    Keep going over those hurdles and soon you will be at the finish line (which is home). Each hurdle that you are going to go over or have been over has only made you and your family stronger. Keep up the race and make it to the finish line and you will receive the award of going home to your room and bed.

    Happy New Year to you and your family and may brighter things happen in the upcoming year.

  2. Zoe!! You hang in there little one. You are doing an incredible job adjusting to your new heart. Ya it’s a back and forth thing right now, but before you know it, you will be asking Papa for more Fruit Rollups or Freeze Pops.
    Love Sherry

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