Stepping down from the step-down unit

Ok so here’s what’s going on: The drainage tubes came out  Thursday morning without a problem. She was up a little that night but just to go to the bathroom. She started working with Lisa from cardiac rehab Friday. Our instructions for the weekend were to walk to the fish tank every 2 hours and 3 times a day do her arm and leg strengthening exercises. She walked on the treadmill with Lisa for 10 minutes today. Tomorrow Zoe wants to double her time. She’s suddenly very ambitious.

Tomorrow we’re moving to the Ronald McDonald house. It’s a step in the right direction but still not home. Dr. Boyle mentioned a day pass for Christmas. He hasn’t decided yet and we’re hoping he says yes. Gabe will be coming to stay with us while he’s on break for the holidays. Both kids are pretty excited. We were told we need to be at RMH for 1 month from discharge. We’re 3 weeks past transplant and I’m hoping after her next biopsy next week he sees it in his heart to let us go home. Cleveland is a nice city but I’m ready to go home. So is Zoe.

Once we get to RMH Zoe has big plans. She wants to go to the mall to see Santa. She wants to visit some folks over at Rainbow and she wants to go to the movies. I’m sure she’ll come up with more the longer we’re there.

The spaghetti dinner Friday night was a big success. We pulled in a little over $4,000 which added to what we have will be very helpful in getting Zoe’s prescriptions. Thankfully Mike’s insurance is covering a very very large portion of all this but Alex’s mom Lisa was telling me that Alex’s meds are running $500 a month with insurance. Mike met a kidney tranplant recipient and I guess he was saying that his post transplant meds were running $2,000 a month. Those numbers aren’t pretty. So I wanted to thank everyone for all the support and help. I’d especially like to thank my step mom Sherri. This was her brain child and she did 98% of the work organizing it and getting donations. She did and excellent job and we couldn’t have pulled it off without her. On a side note….I need to fire my 2 accountants from Friday and you know who you are. You lovely gals added a check that was for $150 as $1,500. Boobs. I love you both anyway but my dad said I had to fire you. haha

Congratulations to our friend Alex and her family! Her biopsy showed no change in the level of rejection and she gets to leave RMH and head home to Toledo tomorrow! We’re hoping we get their room……again.

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  1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, our eyes, legs, whatever it takes for the doctor to give you a day pass for Christmas. It would be the perfect gift for the holidays. Tell the doctor I’ll run out and buy a box of surgical masks for everyone to wear while we are around Zoe, if that will help sway him. We’ll take a family picture to show him we all wore them.
    And yes I did order the two accountants fired.

  2. We have to tell you that you and your family are in our constant prayers and in our minds. I have to tell you Zoe that you and Gabe were a favorite of mine when you were at Gramma Sue’s house! I think of you often and of the things you said and they make me smile and laugh.
    On a different note, Chrissy not that I am an expert or anything but I have worked with several patient’s who need help with prescriptions and if you contact the drug makers sometimes you can get them to donate the drug. Just a thought. I know it has worked for several people I know. Maybe that could help with some of the cost. Let me know if I can make some calls for you, it would be my pleasure to help in any way I can.

    God Bless,

    Aunt Pegg

  3. well yeah for the money! And yeah you’re moving on. at least it will be a change of scenery and your new friend’s will be there. Still keeping my fingers crossed on your day pass. Is rmh farther away? I hope not! Hi Zoe! i miss you. Talk tou you guys soon. Love ya’s

  4. Wonderful news all the way around. Merry Christmas, Zoe and Chrissy and Dad and grandparents and Aunt Nikki! We’re all praying hard for you that you’ll have a healthy, wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year. 🙂

  5. Merry Christmas Zoe & family! I hope you have a nice day filled with good memories. I hope Zoe gets her day pass too! 🙂

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