The power of positive thought

Here are a couple of other families I think could use some love.

This little boy is in the PICU down the hall from Zoe. They have been here since September and apparently have a long road ahead of them. They could use some of the prayer/positive thoughts everyone has given Zoe.

This girl is an inspiration to my family. She received a heart transplant 1 week before Zoe. I just had the pleasure of spending over an hour talking to her and I think she’s amazing. I can’t wait for Zoe to wake up and meet her.

And also, here is a site set up by Mike’s cousin for Zoe. I said I would put a link to the site. He has some really cute pictures of her on his site.

One comment on “The power of positive thought

  1. The beauty of prayer is it’s never used up – there are plenty to share with others.

    They’re all in my prayers today, Chrissy – right alongside prayers for Zoe’s full and speedy recovery.

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