The week in review

I apologize for the delay in my update but it’s been a whirlwind week for us. Monday night a little after 7, Dr. Lebovitz (Dr. Dan) came into the room and said he had spoken to Dr. Boyle and based on preliminary tests thought they may have a heart for Zoe. There were more more tests that needed to be done but so far it looked like a good match. I woke Mike up and jumped on the phone to put the family on notice. A little after 10 Dr. Dan made another appearance to tell us he had just spoken to Dr. Boyle again and the heart was go. We had finally found our perfect heart and the Clinic was sending the team to go get it. The tentative surgery time was set for sometime between 2 and 3am Tuesday morning. Zoe was taken into the O.R. at 3:30 on December 2nd. There were nurses dancing in the isles. Me, Mike, his parents, his girlfriend, my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother & my best friend Elizabeth took to the waiting room. The heart got off the elevator ar 5:30am (it was in big cooler and accompanied by 3 people, but Zoe thinks it’s funny that her heart got off the elevator). Around 9am we were told the heart was in, they were going to do a transesophageal echo (echo through the esophagus) and if it looked good they were going to take Zoe off bypass and get her closed up. A little after 10am we were told the surgery was over, it went smoothly and they were going to get her settled into her room and come get us. We finally got to see her around 10:45am. She was still intubated but the number of IV’s she was on had dropped in 1/2. Her stats were good and the entire team was pleased.

They extubated her (took her off the vent) on wednesday. They removed the chest tubes & PIC line on thursday and she sat up and dangled her legs off the bed for the first time. Today she got a sponge bath and her hair washed. Her A-line (IV line in the brachial artery of her arm, used to draw labs from and monitor blood pressure) was removed today before her “spa day” and she put on regular pj’s and got out of bed to sit in a chair with me this afternoon. She stood up for the first time this evening and I have say she reminded me of bambi.

She has a long road ahead of her with physical therapy and cardiac rehab. Once she gets moved from the ICU she will start all that. She has alot of muscle weakness and reminds me of a newborn again. She can’t sit up on her own and she has trouble holding her head up. She has some mucus buid-up in her lungs and the best way to get rid of that is to sit up straight, take deep breaths and cough. The Dr’s are pushing her pretty hard but her recovery will go smoother the faster she gets up and gets moving.

She’s tired but has her sence of humor back. She told her dad yesterday he is getting fatter (hahahaha) and she and her nurse today had a growling contest which ended with Zoe dissolving into silent giggles (her voice is still pretty raspy from 2 weeks on the vent).

We don’t have donor information. We don’t know how old the donor was and we don’t know where it came from. At some point we will be able to write a letter to the donor’s family. How do you thank someone for giving your child a second chance at life? I’m sure I’ll figure out a way.

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  1. I cant tell you how happy I was when Nik called me with the news of a new heart she and i both cried. I know there is a long road to travel but I am so glad to hear that she is doing well.

  2. hi Zoe, i’m glad to hear you’re doing better. i’m going to try to visit soon, but i have had a cold and don’t want to get you sick. I hope you liked your coloring book and bear. nick picked them out. I miss you, i hope you’re doing good. Hi Chrissy, i hope your mind is a little at ease now. I now you still have a long road ahead of physical therapy. take care. love ya’s.

  3. Good morning sweetheart!
    I just LOVE Bambi!!! I finally got a chance & heard from my sister in Wyoming. She had her landline disconnected & now has a new cell phone # which is verizon & a new email address. This morning I sent her the links to all your websites that will show her pictures of you & tell her about what has been happening. She may be moving to Texas for her job which would make her close to Uncle Justin now & closer to us. Yeah.
    I know Chrissy that you are very good with words & writing – because when you write you come from your ‘heart’. (I remember all the poems you had wrote when you were in school- I still have a couple of them) Maybe….once the intitial shock is over – the holidays will be their ‘hardest’ but ours the ‘easiest’…they can be thankful in thought that a piece of the child is still ‘alive’ & it’s only the body that is gone. With hope ….maybe research can figure out with Zoe heart why this happened & what they can do to ‘fix it’ for another child that catches this horrible virus that almost did our little Angel in.
    She does have a long way to go as well as you, Gabe & Mike. All of you will make it! I said Zoe would be ok & she will be…..determination, support & patience is going to go a long way. Everyone I know will continue to pray for her & keep her in their ‘hearts’ & thoughts.
    The reason for all of this is still unknown & we may never know…but all of us are ‘lucky & blessed’ that our Christmas this year will not be ‘incomplete’.
    I Love you

  4. Prayers have been answered! I can’t wait to tell the folks at church that Zoe has a new heart! We’ve been praying for her & she’s been in my thoughts & prayers. It’s a miracle! It will be quite a recovery I’m sure! Congratulations Zoe! Be strong!

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