The time is near

I can’t tell you how excited I am… OK, I can and I’m going to. Since Zoe entered the hospital we’ve been hard at work putting together a benefit dinner for Zoe and her parents. Donation letters have gone out, my step mom has pounded the pavement talking to area merchants, friends, family and coworkers have offered their time to work the benefit, my dad has offered his pool table up as the temporary home for donations, items for auctions and an assortment of odds and ends, I’ve emailed my connections and used the power of the Internet to receive donations, and finally… FINALLY… things are pulling together in a way that I can only describe as incredible. I know that there has been far more done than those few things but it’s late at night and this is what I’m thinking as I’m typing (and the picture of my dad’s pool table strewn with toys, sports items, hair care products, knitting items, stuffed animals… it makes me smile!).

Oberlin Inn has generously donated the spaghetti for the dinner, East of Chicago Pizza in Oberlin has donated the spaghetti sauce, Orlando Bread Co. is donating rolls, salad from a local store, handmade cakes, pies and deserts… and that’s just the beginning!

This is a run down, off the top of our heads, of the companies that we have received items from SO FAR!!

There is more still coming! If you’ve got some time, read through the list – especially if you are planning on coming. Some of the items will be auctioned off and some will go up for raffle.

  • Cleveland Indians: Autographed photo with certificate
  • Tickets to local Morning Show: That’s Life with Robin Swaboda
  • Cleveland Metro parks Zoo tickets: (4) courtesy passes worth 40.00
  • Regal Cinema tickets: (6) movie passes worth est, 48.00
  • Subway: (5) tickets for 6 in subs approx value 25.00
  • Puffers flower shop: $25.00 gift certificate
  • Time for Treats: Doggie Treat Gift bag 7.50
  • Ginkos: Christmas tree ornament 8.00
  • Dave’s Army surplus: Swiss Army knife 40.00
  • Aries Salon: Shampoo/Gift card for free haircut 30.00
  • Smith furniture: 2 balls of yarn 16.00
  • Oberlin bookstore: Sweatshirt, bookmarkers, and 2 tiny ducks that quack 30.00
  • Lake Erie Monster’s Hockey club seats (4) $100.00
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: Autographed hat with certificate
  • Columbus blue jackets: Autographed hockey puck and picture both w/certificate
  • Hand crafted Yard Art
  • IGA: $20.00 certificate
  • Cheesecake factory $25.00 gift card
  • Basket of stuff animals
  • 35th Anniversary Barbie (in box w/book)
  • Maddy’s Tie Chairs: Child’s Tie Chair (so unique! This is a child’s chair with the seat made completely of men’s ties! It’s beautiful!)
  • Detanglez: Gift basket to include a 20.00 card,
  • Advanced auto parts: bucket with car care supplies
  • Amy Avon: basket with Christmas stuff
  • Cedar Point two tickets
  • Locke’s: Poinsettia
  • Village Market: Fruit Basket
  • Pat Catans: Yarn Craft basket
  • Bronze Tableware for 6 in Wood case
  • Harley Davidson Stein – Collection series
  • 5 pc luggage set
  • Cleveland Browns Gift bag: nylon bag. License plate holder, T-shirt
  • Christmas comforter and shams.
  • Several pampering/fun baskets
  • Longaberger basket and bear
  • $20.00 Cub Cash from Build a bear
  • Autographed basket ball Ben Wallace (Cleveland Cavaliers) w/certificate
  • Handmade jewelry, including bracelet and earring sets, necklace & earring sets, necklaces. Beautiful pieces!
  • Marble Run Set for children from
  • Nanastar book, CD and plush doll from
  • Bill Doraty Kia: Detail Package totaling $139.00

There have been many people asking me if we are still taking donations – to that I say Yes! We are asking that items either be new or handmade. We have numerous baskets that are being auctioned off and each one is filled with some fantastic items (some with foods and chocolate!!! YUM-O!). So you may see them here on the list and you may not as I’m really not sure how those are being put together.

A lovely woman from PA sent me a gorgeous handmade quilt and asked that it either go in auction or to Zoe directly. I took the quilt to Zoe and she immediately decided that she wanted it. I’ll get pictures of that posted but to Pat S. in PA, thank you!

If you are still planning on sending items, we need to have them by December 17th at the latest (our benefit is on December 19th and you can get those details here: and here: Anything we get after that date or does not get sold in the auction, will likely be added here and turned into an online auction.

OK so you’ve read through the list and you want to donate still; here’s what you need to know!

We need to have no later than December 17th. You can email me first if you like: nicholesmith AT verizon DOT net (remove spaces and insert an (@) and (.) for the words. Items can be mailed to:

Nichole Smith, PO BOX 122, West Salem, OH 44287. If you need a street address, leave a comment or email me and I’ll get it to you.

I’m going to try and get some pictures up of some of the items… maybe of the pool table too??

I can’t tell you what everyone’s generosity has meant to me, to Zoe, her parents, grandparents… it’s AMAZING and even that word doesn’t do everyone who has been involved justice.

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  1. Hello,

    You do not know me but my 6 month old daughter is currently in the PICU at the Cleveland Clinic. She was across the hall from your Zoe. She was born with a congenital heart defect (Complete AV canal defect). She has been here since November 4, 2008 and has had 2 surgeries so far to try and repair her heart. She is currently waiting to have a third heart surgery. As you can imagine when we arrived here we were told that this defect is very common and that it is very fixable. Unfortunately, Liliana’s heart is the exception to the rule. The two holes between her upper and lower chambers of her heart were fixable but her mitral valve is so abnormal that it continues to leak. This has caused her much trouble with her respiratory system and she actually went into respiratory arrest which landed her back in the PICU after being moved briefly over to the step-down unit over Thanksgiving weekend. Thus she will require a third surgery. I have been following your daughter’s website for about a week or so and I am so happy for her and your family. You must be so relieved to have her surgery behind you and on the road to a successful recovery. I am very impressed with your fundraising efforts. I was wondering how you went about getting started and putting together the auction you are having. Zoe is so lucky to have such a wonderful support system behind her. Good luck with the auction!

  2. Kim, I am Zoe’s grandpa, Chrissy’s father. we got started on the spagetti dinner almost immediatly after Zoe went into the hospital. My wife hit the streets, the internet, and the post office almost immediatly. Between her and my oldest daughter, aunt Nikki, all this has become possible. We would be honored and happy to share our experiences with you and your family. Just ask Chrissy or Nikki for contact info either in person or through Zoe’s site and we will get back with you. Also, if you can make it, consider this your official invitation to the dinner this Friday night, December 19, on us. Please if you can come and talk with us we would be happy to help you get started, or at least share what we have learned.

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