Problems Viewing the site

I’ve been informed that some people are having trouble seeing Zoe’s site the way they are used to.

Unfortunately I don’t have a fix for it but I was able to find out that the people who are having trouble are those who are using Internet Explorer – and we don’t really know why because it’s likely that you’ve been here a hundred times before today and never had a problem.

The only thing that I can recommend is to be patient with us while we figure it out or download Mozilla Firefox, which is another Internet Browser. From what we can tell anyone with Firefox does not have any problems viewing Zoe’s site.

I apologize to anyone who’s trying to see the most recent posts, we’re working to straighten this out!

2 comments on “Problems Viewing the site

  1. Hmmn. looking into this. Seems to load fine in Firefox, and Google Chrome, just not showing the sidebars in IE. If I can’t figure it out I’ll get my brilliant husband on it… Be patient folks!

  2. I had a problem earlier, but now i can view everything fine again.

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