So Busy…..

I apologize for my neglect of the site. Zoe has been doing wonderfully and even went back to school last week. With life back to normal it’s been difficult to find time to update.

Her last   about 3 1/2 weeks ago and the results were the same as they have been. Good. She had a cold a few weeks ago but even though her white cell count is “concerningly low” she was able to fight it off herself. She’s due for another biopsy in about 2 1/2 weeks I believe.

I must say I’m a little frustrated with the medical staff right now though. The day of her last biopsy was a long day as usual. Zoe & I both fell asleep once we got home and the phone didn’t wake us up so I missed Dr. Boyles’ call with the biopsy results. He wasn’t pleased and I got my proverbial butt chewed on via voice mail. Here’s my frustration: After the biopsy she was supposed to stop her antibiotic for the CMV and her lasix. Dr. Boyle neglected to mention that to me. I read it a week later in his report to her pediatrician. I had to call Colleen to confirm. Over a week ago I put in another call to Colleen checking to see if Zoe’s appointment was scheduled yet since it should be the following week (last week) & asking if Dr. Boyle would approve soccer or tennis lessons (had to have her signed up by last friday). No return call. No doctors appointment, no sign-up for tennis or soccer. I had to call Colleen again today because Gabe has strep throat and they were together last night and this morning so she was exposed to him while he was symptomatic. They are separated for the night since he’s contagious for 24 more hours. No return call yet. Why is it okay for a Doctor to ream someone a new behind for not answering the phone (for all he knows I was in the restroom) but it’s perfectly acceptable practice to not return phone calls from the patients parents or schedule appointments or tell someone about medication changes? I wish I made 6+ figures a year. Then I too could get away with being rude.

2 comments on “So Busy…..

  1. Yea, I wouldn’t take that from anyone, either. We’re in a world where everyone thinks with all this instant connectivity that we’re actually ABLE to be found instantly. There are times I can’t answer and I don’t WANT to.

    I’m so glad she’s doing well enough to sign up for sports! :))

  2. That is extremely rude on the part of the doctor. I understand that they are as busy as everyone else, but that was uncalled for. I would complain loudly until you get the apology you deserve.

    I am so glad to read that Zoe is doing much better! I hope that she has a fabulous summer!

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