I got a call last week from Colleen. She said the blood they took during the biopsy on the 8th showed positive for CMV again. Infectious disease said the level was at 1000. They wanted me to take her for some blood work to have the level checked again to make it isn’t doubling & tripling like it did last time. We had the blood drawn yesterday and the test runs Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays so it should be run tomorrow & hopefully I’ll hear good news from Colleen by Thursday. Zoe doesn’t feel sick. She has a little cold again (courtesy of me I think) but other than a little congestion/cough she feel fine. I checked her tonsils last night & they look fine too. Apparently ever since she heard me tell her dad that the virus showed up again, she’s been checking her own tonsils obsessively at home, school, everywhere with a mirror & decent light. Poor thing. She does not want to go back to the hospital even though she has friends there. Poor Ally is back. She was home for a minute & then she started to show rejection again so she’s back & hooked to an IV 24/7 according to her mom. Zoe’s little friend Melanie (another transplant girl) has been there for going on 14 weeks now with what appears to be rejection. When we were in for Zoe’s biopsy she and Mel played for awhile & her mom said she was starting to show signs of improvement. I’m hoping both of Zoe’s sisters in transplant get better & head home soon. I’m also hoping we don’t join them at the Clinic.

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  1. You have my continued prayers, Chrissy. I’m keeping all those kids in my prayers. Let’s hope the news from now on is only good.

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