Dodged a bullett….for now.

So I took Zoe to Dr. Danzinger from I.D. yesterday. Her liver enzymes are high, platelet count is low, white count is high. She took blood & ran more tests. Had Zoe’s liver enzymes or platelet count been dramatically worse she’s would have been admitted for a few days (like I haven’t heard that before) to be on IV antibiotics. The white count looked better & so did her platelet count. Liver enzymes were higher but not enough to warrant keeping her right now. Dr. Danzinger put her back on Valcyte & we go back Tuesday to have all the tests repeated. However, they are also running another virus count. It should be back tomorrow. If it’s really high we will be heading to the hospital. Dr. said for the weekend but i don’t buy that for a second. The last time I heard that mess our weekend turned into 3 weeks.

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  1. Fingers crossed for an excellent outcome on Tuesday…. meantime, have a nice Memorial weekend. 🙂

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