Rain Rain Go Away, We are having a Fundraising Garage Sale Today

As Zoe approaches her one year anniversary with her new heart, we can’t help but know and feel how truly blessed we have been. When I reminded my oldest that we were coming up on a year, he seemed to be in a bit of disbelief over the fact that almost a year ago that we received the best gift in the whole world. But then he sat down for a minute, looked very thoughtful and said, “Is that really possible?” Of course it’s possible, hard to believe, but here we are.

As Chrissy had mentioned though, we expect the cost of her medicines to rise. I read a very scary news article about a woman who received a new kidney and then had to have another transplant because Medicare stopped paying for her anti-rejection medicine, since she couldn’t afford her medicine on her own, she rationed her medicine!

Luckily, Zoe has medical coverage outside of Medicare/Medicaid but the reality is that this could happen to anyone, even a child, and as anyone knows, even the insurance companies could change their policies and leave Chrissy struggling more than she is now.

That’s why we are always thinking of ways that we can make sure Chrissy is able to pay for Zoe’s medicine. Last year’s fundraising was a success but we’re looking towards next year and anticipating costs rising again.

We quickly put together a garage sale to start off fundraising this fall (more fundraising information to come in the next few weeks, I think we’ve got something for everyone!) We kicked it off today and even the rain didn’t keep people away!

The garage sale will run through Saturday and Sunday, we’re hoping that the weather evens out and cooperates a little bit.

The garage sale opens at 9 am Saturday and Sunday and closes at 5pm each day. Here are some of the items we have available:

  • 4 place setting china with crystal stem ware
  • Porcelain Dolls (including a bride doll)
  • Cabbage Patch doll
  • Collection of Scarett figures in globed stand (I think there are 6 or 7 of these)
  • Electric Lawn Mower,
  • Dessert fondue
  • Sleeping bags (Kids)
  • Bikes
  • T-Fal Safety Fryer
  • Electric Wok
  • Yogurt maker
  • Ice cream maker
  • Pasta machine
  • Kabob it cooker
  • Collectible tins
  • Mixer set
  • Galloping Gourmet roaster/cooker
  • Lego set
  • TV Trays
  • Leather and Suede jackets
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Kids Stuffed Animals
  • Girls Clothes (sizes small to large)
  • 5 piece living room set
  • Computer Games (kids and family)
  • Housewares items (sheets, etc)
  • Antique Style working telephone
  • Wooden Rocking chair
  • Outdoor lantern (hangs on the side of the house? – still in box!)

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things but you get the idea – there is a lot to choose from!

All items came from our homes and generous donations from family and friends. Except for a few items, all we ask is a donation, meaning we are taking offers for nearly every item listed.

The garage sale is located at:

44553 Hallauer Road, Oberlin OH 44074

If you’d like to come out and look, please do! If you’re not a fan of garage sales (or you’re too far away), you’re welcome to use the donation button in the sidebar. All monies received go directly to help cover the costs of her medicine this next year.

We are tentatively planning two other fundraisers and will have more details on them and how you can help in the next few weeks.

Last but not least…

When Zoe was last in the hospital, right before her 7th birthday, her and I spent the evening making a slideshow on my laptop to pass the time. Zoe picked from the pictures I had stored on my laptop, the song, the order of the pictures and even the effects. Before we put the finishing touches on it, I asked who the slideshow was for, and she said “my mom and dad”. I shared this slideshow once on my site but time got away from me and I forgot to post it here. I hope you all enjoy it.

For her Mom and Dad from Nichole Smith on Vimeo.

One comment on “Rain Rain Go Away, We are having a Fundraising Garage Sale Today

  1. On occasion I come back to Zoe web site…but ashamed that I don’t do it more often. I guess because things have improved so much for her & I know that mom & her Aunt Nikki don’t have a great need to post as often as in the beginning. I went back through some older post due to a recent update from Mom. I wasn’t aware that this was on her page but I have to give Zoe & her Aunt Nikki (my oldest daughter/child) the highest ‘five’ anyone could get! This was an awesome video..brings tears to my eyes in knowing that at one time this may have been what we would have today…just pictures. But…we still have Zoe & for that I am very thankful. To Nikki…you did a wonderful job with this & Zoe. She is very blessed to have an Aunt like you…talented, warm & loving.. I hope this site never goes away because I will visit this one often….she’s a beautiful little girl & you are a beautiful person to put this together! Love to you both

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