Saying thanks & simply because I can

Flu season is upon us. I’m seeing schools closed for illness & donations are down at the blood bank because everyone is sick. Frankly I’m a little nervous. Zoe has gotten her seasonal flu vaccine but not her H1N1 because no one on the planet has any (that may be a slight exaggeration but you all get my drift). Gabe & I haven’t gotten either because, again, no one on the planet has any. Hopefully we’ll hold out until early November.

Trick or Treat is tomorrow and Zoe is especially excited because my boyfriend & his daughter will be joining us. I need to thank someone for Zoe’s costume & I’m soooooo sorry but I’m not sure who. If you read this, and you are who I’m thanking then please step up and let me know! Last year I was emailed a gift certificate for Zoe through . I hadn’t used it and money was tight this Halloween so I’m glad I saved it. Zoe will be Glitter Kitty. The gift certificate covered the costume, petticoat, and shipping. I ordered it Thursday & received it Monday. Talk about fast. It’s hanging in the closet waiting for tomorrow night. Every night before bed Zoe asks to look at her Glitter Kitty costume. lol I’ll be sure to post pictures of her in her costume soon. So thanks so much to Princess Time Toys for the gift certificate. Zoe & I are most grateful!

glitter kitty