Plans for the upcoming months

Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer

Dance classes have resumed. It’s been 2 years since Zoe has been well enough to dance.  She’s back in ballet (which is a contact sport for those who aren’t dance moms) on Saturday mornings and she’s added tap this time around which she does Monday evenings. She will be dancing in the big recital in June and she’s very excited. She still has her costume from 2007.

All is going well. She has an appointment to see Dr. Boyle next Thursday for her follow-up and her next biopsy will be in April.  She’s decided that when we go to the Clinic next week we’re going to take some stuffed animals with us to donate to the hospital. She has so many and knows how important they were to her in the hospital. She wants to make some other kids happy too.

School is going well for her but I think I need to invest in a tutor. She missed so much last year and even though she worked so hard to get to the 2nd grade it’s beginning to catch up to her. She’s starting to struggle and it’s frustrating for her.

We’ve planned a trip to Disney World in April during spring break. Myself, Gabe, Zoe, a family friend and his daughter are all going. We’re staying at the Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando. Our friend  has never flown (and is terrified) and I get air sick if I’m awake so this should be an interesting trip. Gabe may be in charge of the girls on the plane.  😉