Sadly, I need to address an issue

I do have a short update from Zoe’s appointment with Dr. Boyle last week, but first I have an issue I need to address regarding

It has been brought to my attention recently that a portion of my last post offended someone. This individual was appalled at the idea of Gabe being left in charge of 2 little girls on an airplane. The little winky face at the end of the sentence was obviously missed and my sense of humor misinterpreted. Rest assured concerned citizen, Gabe will not be left in charge of ANYONE (including himself) on the flight to Disney. Steps will be taken to ensure that ALL minors on the trip will be monitored continuously by one or both of the adults traveling with them. I hope this puts all minds at ease.

That said, I feel I need to add something in regards to the content found on this web site. As most of you know, this site was started by my sister as a method of letting me update everyone at once on Zoe’s condition while in the hospital. As she continues to improve I update less and less. This was my goal all along as no news is good news where Zoe and her heart are concerned. The opinions expressed on this site are solely my opinions. They do not reflect those of anyone else nor are my opinions meant to be taken as fact. They are what they and nothing more. If something I say here offends anyone or anyone takes issue with anything here please contact me via this site. All comments are approved by Nikki or myself before being put on the site. If you have a more direct method of getting in touch with me, I encourage you to do so.

Now the quick update. Zoe is now 4’1″ and weighs 56lbs. That’s impressive considering at transplant she weighed 34lbs. Dr. Boyle gave no travel or ride restrictions for Disney. My little dare-devil couldn’t be happier. Her next biopsy is in April and she’s due to have her Prograf levels checked before then.

One comment on “Sadly, I need to address an issue

  1. I was happy to hear that Zoe did so well at her last visit & I trust & know that she will continue to do fine.
    I am also happy that you are able to take the children to Disney World this year. It’s a much needed/deserved vacation for everyone. I think that this will be a year that you & both the children will have a relaxing, fun vacation.
    I really don’t see what the problem would be so much with Gabe ‘entertaining’ two little girls…it would give him something to do..:) And..I think if you can sleep on the plane by all means you better because when the wheels touch are going to be busy! It’s also a pleasure to see that you are getting your sense of humor’s been long overdue to see you smile & hear your laughter. Bobby will live, the girls will have fun & Gabe will do fine…enjoy your vacation!
    Love & Hugs

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