Requesting some positive energy

You have all been so wonderful sending positive thoughts and prayers to not just Zoe, but her 2 transplant friends as well. As you know Zoe’s friend Aly passed away last summer while waiting for her 2nd heart in less than a year. I know I’ve mentioned her other friend Melanie who received a heart in October 2008. Mel had some difficulty last year and fought off rejection but had to have a pacemaker put in. She then went back on the transplant list and got her 2nd new heart early this winter, November I think. Well Mel is in severe rejection again. She’s back in the ICU on a vent and is receiving plasmapheresis and dialysis. Please forgive me if this information is entirely correct. I’m getting all the information 3rd hand. I’m getting it from Zoe’s dad who isgetting it via Aly’s mom who I believe is getting it from Mel’s mom. I haven’t given Zoe all the scary details, naturally. What I have told her is that Mel is having some trouble with her new heart and is back in the hospital.

I’d appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts you can spare for Melanie and her family. I can only imagine what Mel and her family are feeling right now.

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  1. My prayers and warm thoughts for Melanie. Keep us posted on her progress.

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