One more thing…..

I quickly just read an old post from the archives from November and I have something to add to my last post.

Children read this site so I try to keep clean when I’m mad about something. Those who know me understand how hard that is sometimes. This isn’t the first time someone hasn’t liked what they’ve read here. I have something I need to say to those people and the people like them. Build a bridge and get over it! You don’t get to sit behind your computer and judge me. I will not apologize to you or anyone else for who I am and what I say. Who I am helped make my daughter who she is and who she is helped her survive. Unless you’ve been though what we’ve been through, you’re opinion counts for squat. You can take that opinion and I think you know where you can put it. If you don’t, ask. I’m happy to point you in the right direction. I very nearly lost my child. I spent more than a month knowing she was scared and watching her suffer and slip away from me and there was NOTHING I could do about it. I don’t wish that on anyone. If your children are healthy, hug them and give thanks to whom ever it is you give thanks to, but don’t come here and pass judgement.

Everyday I look at Zoe and I’m thankful for her. I kiss her and tell her I love her every chance I get and she never gets tired of it. So instead of getting your panties in a bunch about something you read here (no one makes you visit the site by the way), re-direct your energy. Stop being angry about stuff you can’t control or change and be happy for what you have even if it isn’t everything you hoped it would be.

To Zoe’s faithful supporters: Thank you (again) for letting me vent. Zoe & I are glad you still care.

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  1. I’m not really sure what brought you to the point for this post but I can only think & say …it’s got to have been something may be long over due.
    We are very lucky & fortunate that Zoe is with us today & I for one do thank the stars above, God, Jesus, the Creator of all, the Angels above & who knows maybe even ‘mama’. But I will agree & say that you my dear were & still are her ‘Rock’. With out your strength she would have crumbled…but she trusted you & who ever /what ever it was that you had faith in…it doesn’t matter at this point. Is she like you…very much so! I am very proud of the woman you are & the woman Zoe will become one day. You have never been one to hide your feelings or your thoughts & for those who know you & love you…respect you for it. You are a beautiful, intelligent, strong woman! Don’t ever change that. We all need someone to lean on occasion & those months, those days that you spent in there with her shows just that. Zoe is lucky to have you as a mother….without you…she wouldn’t be anyone little ‘Zoe Honey Baby’….
    So with all that said if someone has ‘tried’ to step on toes or to criticize you or anything else that prompted this….well..dear..they must be ‘bored’ & their life is very sad that they would have nothing else to do but try & cause hurt feelings.
    One of the sisters of a girl I work with that helped at our benefit asked me the other day how Zoe is doing…very proudly I told her ‘she’s doing good’ …back to Zoe again! & I can’t keep up…

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