Quick Update

Zoe had her prograff levels checked last week and they’re perfect. I was surprised. I thought they would be low with as much as she’s grown. She needs new school shoes. I was trying to make the 3 pairs she has last since she only has lass than 2 months of school left, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. She complained that 1 pair is hard to get on so I’m going shoe shopping next week I guess.

After the big dance recital on June 19th she’s going to start playing soccer again for the first time since 2007. She’s pretty excited. I made her wait until the summer session because the games are on saturdays and that conflicts with ballet. I don’t want to pay for soccer and have her miss half the games because she has dance saturday afternoon. So when dance breaks for the summer she gets to play soccer.

She’s scheduled for a biopsy on the 3rd of May. She was supposed to have it done in April but we went out of town then Dr. Boyle went out of town so the first week of May is the best we can do. I’m not concerned though. She’s doing great so I anticipate consistent results.

2 comments on “Quick Update

  1. Super to hear!

    Shoes – Payless. No reason to go overboard when there’s a BoGo going on. My kids always outgrew their shoes right before school ended. Drove me nuts! But in a good way. 🙂

  2. I am so glad to hear Zoe is doing extremely well.

    Aly Courville gave me this website so I like to check in every now and then to see how Zoe is. 🙂

    I hope Zoe enjoys soccer and I hope she has fun this summer. 🙂


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