I apologize for the delay….

Zoe had her biopsy on May 3rd. Her results were double 0’s again so that’sgood news.  Despite the good results our recent trip to the clinic was a comedy of errors and Zoe and I are now accomplished “waiters” (and I don’t mean restaurant type waiters).  Zoe wasn’t first on the schedule so we didn’t have to be there until 8am and we arrived right on time. After waiting in the surgical waiting area for 2 hours we found out that the computers in the peds cath lab went down so all the equipment had to be taken to another building to the adult cath lab and they were moving all peds patients there for their procedures.  We finally get taken back to pre-op at noon and Zoe was in the cath lab and asleep at 1:45, nearly 6 hours late. Normally we’re home between 4 and 5 on biopsy days but due to the craziness that was the Cleveland Clinic that day we didn’t get home until 7. Her results were perfect and Dr. Boyle is pleased so it makes the waiting we did worth while and Zoe was very well behaved while we waited. I was very proud of her.

During our wait another nurse from the transplant team, Jennifer, came to hangout and do a sleep study for peds heart patients. I answered some questions about Zoe’s sleep habits and Zoe and Jennifer answered some more general questions about Zoe and her health.  One of the questions Jennifer asked was “Do you get embarrassed about your scar”, or something to that effect. Zoe’s response was, “Nope. I don’t care if people see my scar.” I’m really proud of that response. Growing up, my sister was embarrassed of hers and I’ve tried really hard since the transplant to make sure Zoe is proud of hers. It’s a symbol of her second chance at life. Not many people get that opportunity and I want her to be proud of it. I think she is. She doesn’t mind showing it off and she doesn’t mind answering questions about it. About a month ago, on our way into dance a little girl coming down the stairs saw her scar and stopped her and asked what it was from. Zoe said, very simply, “Oh, that’s from my heart transplant” and she continued up the stairs. I didn’t want to draw attention to it so I just smiled and followed her up the stairs. I was giving her a nice mental pat-on-the-back though.

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  1. Dawn Woodings

    May 11, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    I am so proud of her. I am also very proud of you!! I honestly feel that a huge part of Zoe making it through the whole ordeal was because she had you! You ‘were her rock’ you know! Everyone else were just pebbles in the rock pile. I’m not saying that nobody else cared….because that’s not true. She had a lot of support & a lot of people that prayed & truly believed in their hearts that she was going to be ok…she was going to make it. Personally….I would have traded places gladly for her if the man up stairs thought he had an empty seat that needed to be filled in. You were here strength honey & she knew you were there even when she slept. I know I’m wordy & this is one of those times…but I can’t help wanting you to know just how much I was so very proud of you…you’re quite a woman! I love you both a lot! Zoe is a strong breed just like you…and that is something to definitely be proud of. With out that strength & attitude…she may have not made it…but that is something we will not have to worry about.

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