Happy Heartiversary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Zoe’s transplant. Zoe says it’s her heart’s birthday. To celebrate I made 4 dozen cupcakes last night and put red hearts on them with frosting. She took 2 dozen to school, 1 dozen is for brownies tonight, and the last dozen is for the family to eat.

The past 12 months were by far easier than the first 12 months. No major infections and no hospital stays. She rejoined dance and is now in girl scouts. Life looks pretty normal for her, it just has a pink scar down the middle of it.

As always we are eternally grateful to the little boy who gave Zoe the best gift she will ever receive (whether she knows it or not) and to everyone who reads this site and continues to send well wishes our way.

Thank you and Happy Heartiversary.

4 comments on “Happy Heartiversary

  1. Happy Heartiversary Zoe! This is the most special day and one of the happiest that I can think of! You are a beautiful and funny girl who makes me giggle whenever I see you and whenever mom and talk about you. You make our worlds amazing and bright! I LOVE YOU!

  2. Happy Heartiversary, Zoe! You are truly an amazing little girl & God’s little Angel. We always knew you were a strong little thing…..just look at the mom who is raising & caring for you. You will continue to grow stronger every Heartiversary that lays ahead for you. Grandpa & I LOVE You so much & we’re so PROUD of you & thank God each day that you’re here.

  3. WOW two years already. I remember it like it was yesterday your Aunt Nikki calling me in tears telling me that you were going to get your new heart I got off the phone with her and cried a bit myself…ok I cried A LOT. Aunt Nik is you are a beautiful and amazing girl. HAPPY HEARTIVERSARY!!!!

  4. elizabeth Jackson

    December 2, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Happpppy heartiversary ZOE!! love ya sooooo much! you spunky little maniac!!!

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