Merry Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. Despite being sick, Zoe enjoyed the holiday. As far as I can tell she got everything on her list and then some. We celebrated at home with all the kids as soon as Bobby got home from work then we went to Papa & Grandma Sherry’s. Today Nana, Grandpa Joe & Grandma Toni came over for a belated celebration. If I had to pick Zoe’s favorite presents I’d have say her new American Girl (one that looks like her including green eyes & freckles – the old one went to her dads), her Lalaloopsey doll and the bunk-bed for the girls American Girl dolls.

That pesky cough has been persistant. After a falling out with the pediatrician’s office (long story short: they refused Zoe a flu shot) we made a trip to the ER last week on Wednesday because the cough was worse, the stuffy nose was back & she was running a low fever. Her chest x-ray showed no pneumonia so the Doc presscribed Augmentin and she’s still using her nasonex and the inhaler. I spoke with Coleen after our E.R. trip and she’s going to call me Monday and if Zoe is still coughing they want her seen at the Clinic by Infectious Disease. So far she sounds a little better but the cough is still there.

My camera disappeared so I don’t have any pictures from Christmas but I stole a couple my mom took today fro her facebook. I’ll post those separately in a password protected post. If you aren’t currently on my list, please take a minute and fill out the form Nikki made or email me. Only those on my list will have access to the password.

2 comments on “Merry Christmas

  1. I’m very happy & feel blessed that we Zoe was with us again this year….every year it will continue to be a blessing…there are families missing their child now. It’s been kind of rush, rush year & not everything we all wanted but the important thing is the kids were happy. I’m glad I had brought my camera & wish I was a little quicker on the draw. It was a pleasure in meeting Bobby mom & being a part of the celebration at your house. I hope they find something that can get rid of her cough for her.

  2. If you need the form and can’t find it here on the site, please let me know and I’ll be happy to send anyone the link to it.

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