Moving, Camping, Walking/Running, and other such things

My sister has been on me to update the site soooooooo here you go Nikki! I apologize in advance but this will probably be long. My lack of update hasn’t been for lack of happenings. It’s been due to laziness pure and simple. I’ll start at the beginning and do my best to keep things in order.

Zoe’s Birthday: Zoe turned 9 back in March. We celebrated at Build-a-Bear Workshop then had cake and ice cream at home with the whole family.

This is the whole Motley Crew with their new additions to the vast build-a-bear family

The Move: We were quickly outgrowing our little townhouse/apartment. In April we moved into a house. It’s on a nice quiet street close to work with a fenced in back yard and plenty of kids to play with. The neighbors are very nice. Within a week of moving in we had 2 plates of cookies and a bottle of wine dropped off. The girls next door and the little girl across the street all dance at the same place as Zoe. They’ll all be in the recital together in a few weeks.

Memorial Day: Zoe and some friends walked in the Memorial Day parade this year in honor of the soldiers who have fought and died and in honor of her Uncle Justin who is curently serviing in the US Army at Ft. Lewis in Washington. He did his tour in Aphganistan and we were blessed that he came home to us safe. He sent Zoe an outfit to wear in the parade.

Little Solider Girl with her marching buddies

Camp: Zoe has an exciting opportunity to attend a camp designed for children with medical problems. The camp is called Flying Horse Farms and it’s in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. The camp is staffed by Doctors, nurses and regular camp counselors.They have a medical center with a heli-pad and ambulance bay.  The kids get to do everything from horse back riding to archery. Thanks to Dr. Boyle they will ne having a weellong camp session for heart kids. The cabins are heated and air-conditioned and Zoe will be given all her medicine by the medical staff just like at the hospital. Dr. Boyle designed the heart camp and will be volunterring at the camp during that session. His brothers and two sons will also be volunteering. Jen, the nurser practitioner at the Clinic will also be on staff that week . I’m nervous about sending Zoe to camp for 7 whole days but with her doctor in attendance I don’t see how she could be safer. The best part about Flying Horse Camp is that it is completely and totally free. That’s right, I can send Zoe to camp for a week and it costs me nothing. If you’d like to learn more about this extraoridinary opportunity for Zoe and other kids like her, you can visit thier web site at .

Gift of Life Walk/Run: It’s that time again! Time for the LifeBanc Gift of Life Walk/Run. I’m putting together Team Zoe’s Heart again this year. I’m hoping for a much larger team and I’d like to double my fundraising efforts this year. The event is at Blossom Music Center on Saturday August, 13th. I plan to run the 5k this year and will post the link to the team page as soon as I have it up and running. You can join the team or make donations from our donor page. You can find out more information about the event here: and of course I will post more about the event as we get closer.