Gift of Life

The 2011 LifeBanc Gift of Life Walk & Run is over. Team Zoe’s Heart was an amazing success this year. I’m confident we exceeded my fundraising goal and I’m so proud of my team for all their hard  work including, but not limited to, showing up at Blossom at 7:30am. We joined more than 2,000 people who up for this event in its 13th year.

Our team included 6 runners and 21 walkers. I’ll post our times in the 5 & 10k as soon as LifeBanc releases them.

I was honored that LifeBanc would ask Zoe & I to speak at the event and share our story. I managed to sum up our gratitude to both LifeBanc and Zoe’s donor in under 3 minutes and Zoe took her microphone and gave her own little speech of thanks. That little girl routinely amazes me. She has no fear. Cool as a cucumber she gets up in front of 2,000+ people and thanks LifeBanc for giving her a second chance at life. Nothing shakes this kid and she is my gift everyday.

LifeBanc: I’ve walked for them, I’ve run for them,  I’d fly for them if I could.

Team Zoe's Heart 2011

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  1. She truly is amazing & definitely has no fear for anything I don’t think & not shy really. You are blessed to have such a courageous little girl who at her young age ‘gets’ the idea that she was given a 2nd chance on life that not many get. I’m very proud of you for your ‘strength’ as well….I can not imagine my life without either one of you. It has been my honor & privilege to be a part of LifeBanc with you now 2 years in a row….I will walk with you & the team for as long as I am able. Thank you LifeBanc for being there for Zoe & all of those you help every day!

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