Race Times

Race times have been posted. Here’s how our team faired in the 5k race:

5k Men 13-18:

Ian Jones 24 out of 25 with a finishing time of 0:38:15

5k Men 45-49:

Tom Jones 6 out of 17 with a finishing time of 0:29:06

5k Women 30-34:

Meg Ashdown 7 out of 27 with a finishing time of 0:29:05

Christina Snider (Woo Hoo) 12 out of 27 with a finishing time of 0:31:18

5k Women 40-44:

Sharon Keischer 5 out of 23 with a finishing time of 0:30:15

Also, According to the listing on www.lifebanc.org Team Zoe’s Heart had another runner. I don’t know how accurate it is since my name and Sharon’s name weren’t listed as being associated with a team and we obviously were.

Also in the Womens 5k 30-34: Danielle D’Andrea 24 out of 27 with a finishing time of 0:41:28

Danielle – If you did indeed run for my daughter please contact me! I’d like to thank you.

Sharon, Ian, Med, and Tom – I’d say we represented pretty well for Team Zoe’s Heart. I can’t thank you enough for doing this and I hope we can all do it again together next year. I promise I’ll try to keep up a little better. 😉

If you want to see some photos taken during the event you can view them here http://www.proeventphoto.com/main/lifebanc-gift-of-life-walk-run/. I can’t post them since they are copyrighted. I can tell you where to find us at though. I was only able to sift through and find the runners finishing pictures. Under the runners category: Meg is photo 253 & 405, Tom is photo 254 & 407, Sharon is photo 258 & 428 , I’m photo 297 & 447,

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  1. Yes!! Danielle did run for us. She is Trinity’s sister! They didn’t stay for pictures because the baby was fussy. Her fiance also ran for us but I don’t have his name but I will find out for you. 🙂

    Everyone did AWESOME! We had an amazing team, runners and walkers (ahem).

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