Happy Heartiversary

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Zoe’s transplant. She’s healthy, she’s happy, and we really do know how fortunate we are. Zoe and I baked brownies yesterday, cut them into hearts and frosted them pink for school today. Generally we do cupcakes but I happened to have brownie mix instead so we went out on a limb this year. She promptly called me from her Dad’s phone after school today to tell me that our pink heart brownies were a hit. She gave 23 away to her teachers and classmates. She has one left over which she said she is giving to  her Dad.

As I sit and type this little note, I am charging her Heartiversary present, a Nook simple. It was originally planned as a Christmas gift, but I’ve decided it’s better suited as a Heartiversary gift instead. While she is away at her Dad’s this weekend I’ll get it all charged and loaded with some books for her to come home to Sunday. Her ipod touch was stolen a little over a month ago and I’m hoping the Nook helps make-up for the fact that some people just suck. Plain and simple.

You know who doesn’t suck though? (nice segway huh?) Organ donors! Everyday that I get to look at Zoe and marvel at the young women she’s becoming, I say a little thank you to the boy and his family who have made this all possible. Today above all other days I wish I could personally give thanks to our donor family and attempt to find the words to express my undying gratitude. I wish they could look at my Zoe and see a little of the boy they loved so much in the girl that I love.

Quick update on past events: This school semester has been especially gruelling for me which is why I am just now telling you all about the amazing opportunity we were given at the end of September. Apparently our little talk at the LifeBanc walk was such a hit that we were asked to do it again at Lifebanc’s 25th Anniversary Gala. The event took place at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel. Zoe was asked to escort the 3 award winners to the stage and later in the evening we were asked to speak again. It was an unforgettable evening and we were truly honored to be a part of it.

Zoe and I with Bobby, our escort for the evening.

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  1. We truly are blessed & I believe whole downheartedly that there was an Angel with her & us the whole time & that God searched long & hard for the perfect fit for her…& by doing that he found a family strong enough to let go & give of themselves more than most could bare….thank you once again to all of those who played a part in our miracle ..

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