Dancing & Triathlon…ing

Our house has a very busy weekend ahead of us. Saturday is Zoe’s dance recital. By my calculations, this will be her 8th recital. Oh the places you’ll go…

Sunday is my big day. It’s Berkshire Triathlon day! I’m no where near my $500 goal so I’m using all of my social media channels to send up a smoke signal! The economy is crap and times are tough, but every little bit helps. If 10 of our friends donated $10 that would be another $100 for camp! Did I mention that camp is completely free to all the families? It is and that’s possible because of people who give what they can to give these kids an experience they likely wouldn’t get otherwise. Flying Horse Farms has weeks dedicated to kids with cardiology, pulmonary, facial anomalies, hematology, oncology, rheumatology & GI conditions. On Sunday, I will be swimming, biking, AND running to raise money so more kids can experience camp. It’s going to be 90+ degrees, but I’ll busting ass so these kids can have at least 1 week a year where being sick takes a backseat to being a kid.

Donate and Share. Chrissy’s Triathlon Fundraising Page

If you’ve already donated, thank you and I ♥ you.