Swimming for a good cause

Last June I did a non-competitive sprint distance triathlon to help raise money for camp. Zoe was planning on doing the event with me, but due to a registration issue I was unable to register her since she was under 18. Much to my surprise, I saw numerous kids participating so this year I reached out to the organizers about registering her. They told me that they were using a new platform for registrations that shouldn’t shut her out due to age, but if it did, to let them know and they would manually register her.

We’re doing a triathlon! Well…I’m doing a triathlon. Zoe is swimming because she has zero interest in biking or running unless she’s in fear for her life. The event is 100% non-competitive and not timed. Quite a few participants only do 1 or 2 of the legs and skip others and that’s totally okay. We managed to talk a family friend into doing the bike leg for her and her brother is going to do the run.

 The Berkshire Triathlon wants to raise $50,000 for camp this year. How will camp use that money? That amount of money will send 25 kids to camp. That’s right, $50,000 only sends 25 kids to camp. How many kids go to camp in 1 summer? About 900. None of these families will have to pay 1 dime for the experience either.

Here is what a donation for The Berkshire Tri will go towards:
$25 – feeds one cabin, about 10 kids, late night snacks for a night
$50 – life jackets for the pool
$75 – sun hats for the ENTIRE summer
$200 – color olympics for one summer camp session
$25 – disinfectant wipes for a week
$50 – tattoos for Tattoo Tuesday!
$75 – helps fund quilt making supplies
$100 – costumes for the costume closet
All money raised goes directly to Flying Horse Farms. Do the math and tell me you can’t afford to toss $10 at this worthy cause. Zoe wants to raise $200 this year and she’s way behind with just 11 days left. Want to help her buy some costumes, some wipes, some sun hats, life jackets and late night snacks? Donate here: