How do you celebrate a heartiversary?

The short answer is that we celebrate it like any other day. The long answer? Today is Zoe’s 13th heartiversary. That means that it’s been 13 years today. Thirteen. Years. I never want to forget how grateful I am that I’ve had 13 more years with Zoe. Yes, even when we aren’t friends that still holds true. The goal, and I’ve said this many times before, has always been to NOT think about it everyday. For Zoe, and all of us, to move through life without her transplant consuming her every waking moment. I think we’ve successfully accomplished that.

I guess I’ll start by once again giving thanks and living in the gratitude that we have for Zoe’s donor. We wouldn’t be here without him and his family. We don’t know you, but we thank you and we all have love for you.

So how are we celebrating this 13th heartiversary?

We’re working. It’s not glamorous or even really fun, but it’s the truth. Zoe is working. Her brother is working. Her dad & stepmother are working. My wife & I are both working. I’m definitely not letting the day pass unnoticed though. In addition to my annual heartiversary post, I also left Zoe’s gift on the kitchen counter for her. Quite a few heartiversaries ago, I started getting Zoe ornaments every year to mark the occasion. I try to find one that is symbolic of the year. Someday, when Zoe has her own tree, in her own home, that tree will be filled with these special ornaments.

What have we been up to?

Life moves quickly as is evident by my lack of consistent updates. I stand firm that no news is good news so the less you hear from me, the better Zoe is. Again, all part of that goal.

COVID ruins everything has become my mantra and if that’s not entirely true, it certainly puts a damper on things. We spent 2020 pretty rigidly keeping Zoe safe. Once the vaccine became available we relaxed a little bit since it’s hard to keep a 19 year old, fresh out of high school in a bubble. Zoe spent her last year of high school on a laptop in her bedroom much to her intense dismay. She did graduate and was able to safely walk with her class.

Caps, gowns, poppers & rainbows

She started college in the fall so she’s feeling pretty grown up right about now. Can we just take a minute and fully appreciate how cute this kid is?

Senior pictures @ Play House Square

In addition to being a high school graduate & college student, Zoe has also started herself a photography business. If you’re local and find yourself in need of a photographer….Zoesheart Photography is where you should start. I always said that she had a good eye and now she’s out there showing everyone else.

My wife, the world’s best hype-man, took Zoe for a weekend to bike through Detroit to shoot street art and you’ll find some of the awesome shots she got on her social media pages; Facebook & Instagram.

Biking through Detroit

“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”

Maybe Confucius?

Yeah, but how’s her heart? Kidneys okay?

From a medical standpoint, Zoe’s doing well. The results from her annual biopsy were 1a/0 which is near perfect and in line with what they have been historically. Likewise, her kidneys are holding steady so that’s also good news. So you see? Pretty boring.


Thank you all for the support over the last 13 years. May we have many more boring years ahead of us.