We’ve had a bad day

I’m posting very late because it’s been a long and trying day for everyone, especially Zoe. Mike stayed last night and she seemed to be holding up pretty well. She got her hair washed and had some more cantaloupe, strawberries and pancakes for breakfast. After her getting her hair washed she started to complain about a pain in her left side and her left shoulder. She said she was having trouble breathing. She tried to play but got tired and asked me to take her Polly’s and their make-shift swimming pool away. She said she was cold and spent a majority of the morning asleep.

Dr. Boyle mentioned the possibility of a ventilator to relieve her body of the strain of breathing since it had obviously become difficult. He hovered a bit more than usual this morning and assessed her often while he was deciding.

Early this afternoon he decided a breathing tube would be best for her and they intubated her at about 1:30 this afternoon. She’s lightly sedated to keep her “asleep” so she doesn’t stress out and try to pull the tube out. She will remain this way until a heart becomes available. (sigh) So that’s where we are today. Solid food to a machine breathing for her in less than 24 hours.

On an even less pleasant note: There seem to be rumors circulating. A week ago a women went into a friends mothers church and asked them to start a prayer chain for Zoe Tanner because she had only 12 hours to get a new heart. My friends mom of course freaked a little and called my friend who freaked a little more who tried to call me and when she couldn’t get me freaked a little more and then called my mom who tried to set her mind at ease. If Zoe had become that critical I would have told her. This morning shortly after the decision to put the breathing tube in had been made I received a call from Zoe’s principle. She had received a call from members of another church (who’s children attend fbcs) and was told that Zoe had been placed on a ventilator this morning. Erie coincidence I know but the only people who knew what was happening was immediate family and they hadn’t told a soul, let alone enough souls to get to where it did.

I understand everyone cares about my muffin and I appreciate that but please, let’s not start a panic. Either I or my sister will post all changes in her status on this site. Unless you read it here, it’s not true. I can assure everyone of that.

4 comments on “We’ve had a bad day

  1. Laura Mertes Ternes

    November 20, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Oh Boy, Do I know how the rumor mill starts. Oye.
    I am praying for Zoe and am thinking about you all the time.
    Good luck with everything this week.

  2. Praying for Zoe today. Ventilators are tough, visually, for you guys. Don’t lose hope. It lets her little body rest…

  3. I am praying for Zoe and all your family!!! I continue to check the site every day for updates and thanks sooo much for keeping us posted. I know it takes alot of time. Love to you all and you are in my prayers!!!

  4. I know what you are going through (to a small extent) because of all of Cheys hospital stays. I know seeing your little girl like this is hard for you and the family but this will allow her to get the rest she so desperately needs. I continue to hope and pray EVERYDAY that Zoes new heart comes quickly.

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