1 step forward, 2 steps back

We had a set back yesterday. Zoe woke up at 4am with a high fever and severe pain in her legs. I mean couldn’t move her legs severe. They ordered an x ray which showed fluid in the hip joint. They ordered an ultrasound which showed equal amounts of fluid in both hip joints. The Dr’s were thinking it was an infected hip joint so they took her to the O.R. to pull some fluid samples from both joints. The fluid was cloudy which led them to believe it was an infection so they put drainage tubes in both hips and sent the fluid to be cultured. They started her on antibiotics just in case and since it was late last night and all the post-ops were closed we were send to the PICU for the night for recovery.

This morning we find out that the fluid didn’t appear to contain any bacteria but we’re still waiting on the cultures to verify that. However, she stays on the antibiotics just in case. Better to be safe than sorry with her. Dr. Boyle seems to think the problem is mechanical. She laid around for so long that chances are her joints didn’t have enough fluid to accomodate the sudden onset of movement. So when she started really moving like she was it caused the joints to get inflammed. So in addition to the antibiotics they are giving her ibuprofen for the inflammation and steriods.

Zoe had her biopsy this morning. We got the results this afternoon. She showed a level 1A rejection. That means there was minimal rejection with no tissue damage. The only better result would be no rejection which is virtually impossible. At this stage there is always some amount of rejection. The level she measures at is the smallest level and therfore the best. They also checked antibody rejection levels and her level measured at 0. Can’t get better than that.

The drainage tubes come out Thursday morning and she has to remain in bed until then. So it’s a minor set back but her biopsy results were the best were could ask for.

4 comments on “1 step forward, 2 steps back

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the pain, but yay for the minimal rejection! Tell Zoe I’m cheering her on here in Lansing, Michigan 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for keeping us updated! We are praying for you, Zoe, every day. We miss you bunches! Hope today is a fantastic day for you!
    Love, Mrs. Howard and your classmates.

  3. Everyone needs to remember all goals have setbacks but it make is even a greater glory when you overcome the setback and reach the goal.

    Keep fighting those setbacks and the end goal is oh so beautiful.

    Your will and determination to keep going towards your end goal of going home will keep you overcoming any setback that may come your way.

  4. Poor little poonum. What a lot she has to go through. Prayers going up that her pain is alleviated.

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