Saturday with Zoe

I’m sitting here with Zoe right now.

She’s been asleep for a couple of hours but it’s a nap that I think she’s deserved. It’s not often I get to come up here and spend some time alone with her so when I do, I drink it all in. I take no giggle, snort, or eye roll (and I’ve gotten all three today) for granted.

Shortly after I got here we took a ride in the wheelchair (I pushed, she rode) down to the cafeteria and the gift shop. Zoe talked me into a chocolate muffin (naturally) and even though the gift shop was closed – the ride out was nice change of scenery for her.

Today was the first chance I’ve had to see what the doctors will allow Zoe to do. They want her to exercise those jello muscles. She isn’t fond of them and I don’t blame her. When I saw her doing the exercises, I was reminded of the old PBS shows with the little old ladies sitting in their chairs and kicking their legs out in front of them.  I told Zoe that she was doing old lady exercises, to which she eye rolled and giggled at me.

We also had to take a walk. Mommy will be glad to know Zoe got her nap in but not glad to know that she didn’t walk every two hours like the docs want. We did go down to the fish tank and watch the Circus fish (that’s the name we gave him) flip and then swim upside down to get out of tight spot he kept getting himself into. If I can, I’ll get a quick video of Circus fish doing his acrobatics and upload it later.

I think we wore ourselves out on the walk back though. We got to laughing so hard at each other… you know the kind, one person starts giggling and then you start giggling because they’re giggling, and the more you try to stop – you just giggle more?

Yeah. It was like that.

At one point we had to stop in the hallway. Not because Zoe was tired but because of the giggle fit. We really couldn’t walk and giggle at the same time anymore. So we stopped. And we giggled. And I said that if we didn’t stop giggling, we’d need the nurses to come and get us and wheel us back to the room in wheelchairs because we were giggling too much to walk back… And in my best “oh dear please help us” voice, I pretended to call out to an imaginary nurse, begging for help in getting us back to the room. Which. Was. Just. Funny. So we giggled some more.

But we did make it back, all giggled out and ready for some fun. Lunch was served and we picked at it. We played with Webkinz, and finalized two new pet adoptions there. We got a visit from Nana and Uncle Justin (looking fabulous in his Soldier outfit) and we giggled more at Uncle Justin’s ID with no hair. While we visited, we picked at lunch and played with our dolls.

We had a good day I think. Nurses, doctors, everyone seemed pleased today. I saw some color in Zoe’s face and her freckles popped out for a bit when we were busy giggling. The freckles really popped when she got mad, first at me, and then at mommy on the phone for making her do the old lady exercises.

She kept touching her eyeball today simply because it grossed me out. She tee-heed at me when I told her about Noah and his gross toddler habits.

Indeed this day has been one to remember. Maybe one day when she’s older and all of this is barely a memory. I’ll remind her of the Circus fish, the giggle fits, and the fun we had.

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  1. I picked your site for a blog award:

    You & Zoe are in my prayers & thoughts everyday. Hoping this also brings your blog more exposure to get more prayers & support for Zoe!

    Hugs & Merry Christmas!

  2. How sweet! PT is hard work when your muscles are limp. We went through a year-and-a-half of my daughter fussing through her PT sessions. It’s goo to read that she is well enough to travel the halls in a wheelchair. Hooray for hospital milestones!

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