It’s my fault – I broke it.

OK this is for my sister. She already knows but this is my public apology.

I broke Zoe’s site. Yup. It was me, the professional blogger (how ironic?)

What happened was when I created the post about the fundraiser and listed the donations we received, I had actually copied and pasted the list from a Microsoft Word document. Well, when you do that, Microsoft inserts all of its own coding and thus messes up the coding in WordPress. Silly me, thinking that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Internet Explorer wouldn’t get along and fight like they did. They’re created from the same family so maybe it’s a sibling thing.

At any rate, I’m sorry I broke the blog for a day. I hear there was wide spread panic and chaos in the streets over it. We should be back to normal and all is right in the bloggy world again. If not, leave me a comment and I’ll get the fabulous Erica, who discovered this mistake, to take a look at it.

One comment on “It’s my fault – I broke it.

  1. *chuckles* You’d think these “siblings” would have learned to play nicely together by now 😉

    Nice job putting it all back together.

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